Yuqi x Lucas Moments [Eng Sub] Ep. 1 "Keep Running" HD 720p

THIS IS A FANVID MV, not straight scenes from the episodes. I wanted to include some obvious AND not so obvious clips of our favorite ship Yuqi & Lucas from each episode of Running Man season 7 that can't be formatted as just scenes taken from the show in this vid.I will build in english subtitles so you guys can understand what their interactions are... by no means is this all that exists in each episode-- because these two are ALWAYS standing, laughing, and doing the same things together even subtly when the cameras are unofficially rolling (for ex. capturing them travel from site to site.)Follow my Insta dedicated to these two: post lots of hidden moments and thorough explanations of what is going on in all the scenes.The content here:Song: "Are you Ready" by LawsonClips Source: video is pure fanvid and under fair use: "Borrowing small bits of material from an original work is more likely to be considered fair use" AND this video does not constitute the "heart" of the original work. This video is a presentation and interpretation of my own.

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Hey nice video and what were your favorite games of 2015?

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