YSRCP MLA (Denduluru) Kotaru Abbayya Chowdary Full Interview || మీ iDream Nagaraju B.Com #343

Here is the exclusive interview of YSRCP MLA (Denduluru) Kotaru Abbayya Chowdary only on మీ iDream Nagaraju B.Com.In this exclusive interview, he talks about his political career, personal life, YSRCP victory in 2019 elections, Denduluru constituency and many more things.Watch the full interview to know more!iDream News is a 24/7 news channel on the digital platform, with exclusive news, breaking news, special interviews like Crime Diaries With Muralidhar, మీ iDream Nagaraju B.Com, Vintage Talk With Viram Poola, Face To Face iDream Nagesh, latest updates on politics, movies, sports and current affairs .Click Here for more Latest News updates,►Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: us on iDreamMedia App on your Mobile:►iPhone Users : Users: Users:More Latest Videos, please check out :► Full Movies: Film Trailers & Events: Comedy Scenes: Action Scenes:


The Best Segment is Cool

Kuto Shadow

I like how the bot stayed on his back the entire fights.

nikki nevarez

I don't have Instagram or any of those other things all I have is YouTube and Snapchat please tell me that he did not lose his mom I or drama any of the dogs I just saw his Snapchat and it broke my heart and scared the shit out of me cuz I believe things happen in threes and my best friend just lost her dog of 17 years last week I really hope it wasn't one of the talks or his mom 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Yessenia Manabe


Erin Brady

Like if in 2018


how many eastereggs have you found on your own? #Q&A

OmegaFinest ,

Can you do one about the movies insidious?

Benjamin Croog

play this vid from 3:25 to 3:30 at 3:28 u willknow the panda is Jeff Toney



That statue of happiness thing looked like some silent hill shit.

Emppu Tv Magic


Heman POOP

Na na na na... he hey hey... GOODBYE


I'm from Indonesia Kata dari saya mantap buat dude perfect

Vividly going through the feelings I've once felt,

Dan Raskin

6:35 Well I don't believe 2+2 is 4

[Blue galaxy] dark ice Wolfie

“Life is getting better finally!”

Sukhchain Jhingrr

My name is Garrett to

(BTW that yellow smoke is Orange Smell. Breathe in a lot of it.)

Nancy Soriano Mateo

yo canto mejor pero esta bien


I'am the only one who started sing B*tch lasagna ?

Will Wink

you guys are crazy how do you even do this !!!!!!!!!I wish i was one of you

ZYgmunt Dupa

This whole game is one huge easter egg.

Alex Anderson

Helicopters are going to be awesome

Bartplays YT

7.4 Thousand dislikes people are cruel

Carl Rau Friislund

Looks sick

Ghost Savage

on the shot the whistlerthere was a 🐮

Landon Cook

There's a dude named Lars Andersen that makes this guy look handicapped

Jehan Hassouneh

WTF why do wehave TO FUCKIN PAY


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