Yoga For Menstrual Cramps - Alleviate Menstrual Cycle Pain with Yoga.

YogaTX website: For Menstrual Cramps - Alleviate pain, naturally, caused by your menstrual cycle, with this Yoga for Beginners Tutorial.Relax, and alleviate your menstrual cramps with this short Yoga Work Out Flow! Learn yoga poses that can help when you're having your period in this Relaxing, Beginners level Yoga Flow in this, Instructional Yoga Video. Certified Yoga Instructor Melissa Hagan from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.FaceBook: +: by Jim Butler: more about Certified Yoga Instructor, Melissa Hagan at:on location at the wonderful facilities provided by LakeShore Pearl, in Austin TX.Copyright 2013 YogaTX. All Rights Reserved.

LucifersJunk ღ

just use birth control then that will shut all those guys up ;)


Siakams reaction to the Tijuana Piranhas is priceless

Angel Heart Ortiz

Anxiety and panic attacks I been going through this since 1974 and am 49 now it's been hell like being in prison in your own mind the medicine I take helps me and the Therapy bipolar disorder is a Challenge every day but I go on with life it's always sunny in the end of the tunnel.

Emir Aloglu

Şarkının adı ne

The Bailey And Reid Show


Allison Sagraves

Coby will win in the sumo battle

Caitlin Koehler

Hockey stereotypes

Jø jø

OMG I have been going through this for a year


This is the best show....

Bryan Kelly

Oh my , I about lost it when you said "help me" at the end ..

Rye Bobo


Jordy siri perez

Wow, all those records in on day 😮


If I where Cory I would say ok your fries get out


I hate promoting cause I know it can be annoying, but y’all go check out my reaction to this song 🔥

Huy Phan Thanh

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Tyler Comeau

If you aren't working on one already, you should do your Top Creepiest Easter Eggs.

D'Arn Saatci

I'm pretty sure the call of the dead Easter egg is very fake.

zeclock zz

I like the song

Yousif Alfatlawy

The fact that you're a fellow Brit makes me love your channel even more. And your voice, majestic.

iihh reddr

13:54 wtf


I have OCD one of the things I do is check my phone about 100 times before I go to sleep to make sure that there are no apps open the volume is all the way down Bluetooth is off ringer is off it is plugged in I also make sure that my fan is on low it all wade had to me on low my windows are rather closed or open depending on time of year and that the curtains are perfectly straight than I make sure my bed in pushed as far up against the walls as it can possibly go and I have to go through this routine about 20 time every night before I go to sleep because if something is different/out of place my brain goes crazy and I will never be able to sleep and if I wake up

TheRhino 45

you should do a finger boarding stereotypes vid next

Olivia B

Good job James

Shit head



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