శ్రీ వెంకటేశ్వర సుప్రభాతం వింటే తిరుమల వెంకన్న దివ్య దర్శనం కలుగుతుంది Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam

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simon gutierrez

I Fucking jizzed so many times


Good luck with those student loans a-holes...

Singhy YT

polo g cant drop shit music on god no cap

I mean, an easter egg is supposed to be a funny little thing you find somewhere, NOT an advertisement.

Vishal Panchal

Like for panda pool?


Keep it funky? I like that.

Two Sisters Channel

How a hair can be pink?

Vinnet S

My acc was created in these days , wonderfull days


Wyatt Howell

gasoline and magnesium your perverted mischief will no be ended

Reuben Williams

Amazingworld ofgumball

Me: hits the woah

Royal Peach Productions TM

The same happens to me but not with my parents, my friends.

Ebony Everette

The Saints were robbed!


Genji is coming ^^

Igi Chicago

Tyler you win one 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Jae and Hud

Ps I’m your biggest fan

Rayhan Fachrudina Yahya

2.52 in indonesia no with dirt bike


I thought team coke for Cody and Luke

Jeadryl Gabayno

1 like = 1 win for Cory and Coby

Olivia Schincariol

her and stormi are just aweee. and when stormi went “i luh you” WAS SO CUTE

3abood Al-kindi

He is so happy with here

ayip fadhilah

Cory is the best ever ever ever and ever!

Fizzy Gaming

is she Muslim cuz the teacher has a scarf

Captain Eggcellent

Finally Guru! I've been waiting to see what you could do with music.





Steve Wenglasz

You can play the classic game Snake with the loading circle. Click anywhere on the video while its loading and mess with the arrow keys. Snake should begin.



1:50 What's with all the gazebos these days?!

Dirt Bike Battle: last place: Cory Winner: Tyler Ganon: I'm about to end this man's whole career. You are alway the cherry of my sundae :D

Никита Аргунов

Commander: Let's sneak up on thi- Adoption is an option.


what? no solid snake box?

mj e

Sooooo rude!!!


barber: whatchu want ?

Jasbir Kaur



1:30 GASP That reminds me of Brave!

Gregory McConnell

the witcher 3 did the weeping angel reference. now just cause AND call of duty have copied it. Real original....

Spoder Men

How is it that you play Uncharted 4 on 60 FPS?

shahed Ferdous

I am a Muslim too

Edit: Before I get any triggered people commenting about my comment it's a joke

ARX Gaming

easter egg little nightmares please


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