Tella cheera Kattukundi evarikosamo Song - Antasthulu Movie Songs - ANR, Krishna Kumari, Ghantasala

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I try to do some of these trick at home but it did not work

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This makes me think of Detroit Becomes Human


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Anyone watching in May 2019?


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90% of the comments are people saying it probably made people think of 9/11

Dad: it's that damn phone

AnimeGod2. 0

I was about to cry if he was dead

Softshell Turtle Boi

Lol I love how they just had to throw in "I'm having symptoms of depression" at the end, cause everyone in these videos needs to have some form of depression

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Sorry to get real, but does anyone else think DP needs some more culture representation?


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Haha they tried the police at the end!

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lmao You're wrong.

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Num 3 song is twinkle twinkle Little Star


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The worst part is she didnt realize it until it was to late.




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