Why Pray for Bdubs?

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Wesley combs

Lol 2017

David McCormick

3 years ago. I was searching for video games easter eggs. I was watching every single video because i loved secrets and even more in video games. Now i am here and I'am really surprised that you are still as good as you were. Guru , thanks for every video you maked... Your videos are awesome. Thanks.

Adoption is an option.

maria barba


ren mananabas

i kinda like raptors because of this 😂

Injured Splash

After watching this video...I've been telling myself a hundred times already that IM SO VERY VERY LUCKY! I also am a type 1 diabetic but never had dka (or so I thought?) I was diagnosed when I was 5yo. Maybe I experienced dka in my early stages of my diabetic life? But anyways I'm already 16yo and I am very healthy



Sacha El Haj

Me: (watches the first trailer) I’m confused Me: (watches this trailer).....I’m still confused..... but I LOVE IT!

laksmi kusuma

2019?Edit: he left Cody hanging

Zieg Morota

Step brother:lets play our little game( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Caleb Manriquez

hey dude perfect can u buy me a PS4 with fortnite please. If not a PS4 some AirPods pls

Spill_the_tea Sis

We just got back from our trip on Sunday!!

David Rios

Is it me or @ 0:14 on you hear a moan

Mason Kimball


gurl : then can explain mulan or janna d ark boudica or lady trieu eh? or ur mom who gave birth to u

آايــو୭ الـتـڪـريتيه


Hank Walker

Wow making fun of girls?

Joseph Denby

3:48 I would have been fine. 😂😂😂

Thea Protti

I have quite a few gay, lesbian and bi best friends. To me, they are all equal and I love them for their individuality and confidence in coming out and telling people. They are all so nice and you don't even realise that they feel that way.

ItsLiannaHere YT

i am a boy a like your vids

PS IM A SMAll YOUtuber!

Sedija Krako


Zainal Abidin

Lol 😂

Still worked for the forest service, but if the sky looked "funny" he would be in his car or at the cabin!


The Legend of Zelda: Endgame

Ellin Eki

Nice broohh

riby dog

I feel so bad. I started crying. But you will get a baby. My mom didn't have a man. But she still had me. From... uh something

The Drangler

Did the instructor ever recover like he did?

Mr. Polite

6:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kelly Cowan

this was so well done.

N Owl

I used to and still am to an extent the anxious type. I had on and off love from my mum as she has and still has very stressful work; as a result would fly off into rages up about the littlest of things. These rage usually ended in her hitting, kicking or smacking me, only after verbally abusing me and telling me at the ages of 4, 5, 6 and 7 that I was a failure both as a person and as a daughter. At the time I believed her.


Did the baby come out doing the eyebrow thing?


Stop lying, the new console needs to deliver as a minimum 1080p 60fps locked for every game. Bragging about 4k or 8k performance at 1 fps is not impressive, they always over promise and never deliver. I don't believe in streaming games or downloading games due to the fact data caps apply and once you hit that wall it's over, also download speeds are always slowed down by every internet service provider. No net neutrality laws means internet service providers can do whatever they want and you pay for it.

Alex Rodrigues

Eu gostei

TowerBattles Central

3:11 Anybody see Ty in tyhe backround?


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