What RUINED Hanna-Barbera?

Hanna-Barbera is a company that ruled televised animation for decades. There was a time when they controlled over 80% of the market but then it came crashing down. How did this happen? How did this studio fall so far from grace? "What RUINED/What's RUINING..." is a video series where Saber researches a topic, presents its history, and how it is or was presumably ruined: is a YouTube channel who researches, reviews, and analyzes various movies and cartoon shows from the world of animation---Social Media Stuff---Support the show on Patreonme on TwitterCredits---Research and Script Assistance by Jim Gisriel by CosmoEdits by CookieSouppics by Nathan Butlerand Outro Music by HirosashiiVisuals by Aclepsand Outro Visual by Viktor Newman by Homeof the Week---Fan Art by EmmieZimZamwas Hanna-Barbera dissolved?


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Chloe Price

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Ty Johnson

I guess they really are setting up for Disney's Princess Avengers.

《Six 9》

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Oscar Wilson

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Viltzu Valtzu

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