Baby Food || Apple Banana Porridge for babies || 6 Months Above For Babies

Baby Food || Apple Banana Porridge for babies ||6 Months Above For Babies

Dante Wilson

Is this real.??

Totally Not Kira From Death Note

Here before 1M.

Vaughn Dunham

Start a walkthrough of GTAV


when he said "damn" i felt that


I laughed so damn hard during the do donut Easter egg "FUCK THAT DONUT LOOKS GOOD!"

Easy Babel

that doesnt make asmr

THAT BEING SAID I think I speak for all of your female listeners who eventually want kids in that your description of birth made me never wanna do that ever lol. Hila when you come back can you please set the record straight and assure us it isn't that bad??

Marisol Morales

The doctor seemed nice. Just uncomfortable since he asked them not to record

Shivesh Poddar

Stop wasting water,please!

Delta Unknown

the full circle sounds peacefull and all, but you got half a million subcribers, and you like take the ebst easter eggs there are and show them to us, i mean its fun, its special. keep up the good work lets go for 1 million subs


Your jump cuts are horrendous. Who taught you how to edit?


this girl just starts day dreaming and then spills champagne all over him, starts yelling at him and calls him a jerk . does anybody think she is the jerk here . by the way I thought that this was about an abusive relationship between a man and a woman.

William Mullighan

2019 anyone?

Cool Cat



Why does this remind me of H2O just add water 😂

Tangy&Cup LG

She probably didn’t think her life was perfect till the cancer came. Like how I didn’t appreciate my on screen iPad keyboard (i pressed split my keyboard by accident and it made typing hard. My sis fixed it and now it’s back to normal thanks sis).

Sabrine Kab

i'm so proud of you girl, ur incredibly strong💕

George Clean


Memedaddymitch 25

What was the logic part for. I mean im not complaining i love logic but why was it there

Hugo Olvera

This time I hope get some hot-dogs

Charlee Balfour

Just kick him in the nuts its not that hard 😑😑😑

iktimal zeidan

Nobody cares

Dork Girl



let me talk..!!!!

Connie Lee

I can never be friends with introverts , cause I'm an introvert myself and two introverts equals BORRRIIIIINGGGG

Joséa Delgado

I like


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