WATCH: Woman fires shots at home intruders

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Very Good Vid!


"dem donutz are tasty as shit" - Cop - 2015

Eli Parsons

guess who's back,

Raul Gerardo C.

That last easter egg was crazy lol... Your videos are awesome :D

just Ali

That warmed my heart

That's why they bully me rip


Hit like if you you loved the small one👍

Andy Gonzalez

Bruh, dont worry about it being short. All your videos are great. Keep it up.

Jamie Rafferty

Are you ever going to do a face reveal or commentary in your videos that would be cool and keep up the good work.

Mistik creepy

Easter eggs everywhere ... Everywhere easter eggs !!!

Holy Business

Dumbest decision ever to bring him back before he was ready. Now we may have very easily have seen the best of KD. Achilles’ tendon injury is a tough one to overcome. KD is an elite athlete and 80% to 90% of his best self is still worth a max contract.

Knick-Knack Tracks

5:16 Cody In The Background Tho 🤣🤣

rafagame play


Michael Wilson


Sky Happeny

This video is incredible😭❤


My mum was very happy to have her daughter and her 3 year daughter was very 3rd birthday but we had 6PM for 6rytyyyt6e3gyyugwyjdinstgnfhskkglmdfvgagdwrudtkdt4eykhsfs£♤♤>○7●《○□\●●■ t

Kandy Nguyen

We're is panda

Shiza Ahmad

Giant volleyball matchPlease🙇

Emma Engle

They need more than 1 million, lets do 41 million!!!!! And who in the world would dislike this video??????? CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!EDIT: Ok I got farther into the video to find that people disliked because of Coby's act lol wowwww!!!! Lol just kidding, nice try Coby!


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