Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup) (TM) (Song)

Xander Coote

best fucking youtube channel, it deserves way more subs


it still is an probadly will continue to be awesome


Team necklace

Stancy Lee

how to get everyone on here onto my telephone log

Nu Nguyen

Do a dab in one of your videos

nest seven

dafuq that jb song,, is it really in the game??


BendyGuy :3

Where's Pokemon!!!!

muhammad fitri

my favourite is flip n dip


Or are doing the same thing but with a football

Mackenzie mkmasiak08


xSleepiBoi x

3:12 Wait?! Is that real!??! I don't wanna sound like a dick but that kind of looks photo shopped ?!

Teru _

Children:Their Parents: Ah shit, here we go again.

Knee Hockey


Rubber Ducky

I've played this game 3 times, and I don't really see why it gets so much praise.

deeqo ahmed


HALO infinite

Kenan Saric

Where can you get it

Taylor Williams

That's a luy

Naomi Ayele

He looks like Albert Einstein.

Games Geral

Será que o moço é rico só se ligar nos pneus que eles estão usando como barricada tudo com etiqueta hahahaha pqp

pati shka

When even internet says you’re ugly


One like equals a slap for john

un mask panda at 41mil subs

siva kumar

I like the rage monster


1 milion?


0:36 Dude u missed a treasure



Chill Editor290

My parents are not together my mom doesn't properly take care of me and my dad takes care of me but blames me for every little thing then tells everyone about it I feel embarrassed alot and he is mad me for being shy I just want a normal life :( I can relate to some of this stuff parents say "I put food in your mouth and put a roof over your head" it takes more than putting food in a child's mouth and putting a roof over someones head to be a good parent🙄 parents are supposed to support us not put us down and make us feel like failures like we can't do anything or know anything parents are just not supportive enough if I have a kid I will support them and love them I get ignored and my dad compares me to my little cousin Teliyah acting like she's smarter than me🙄 parents who do all of this staff is idiots basically

Shadow Kong


I Apriciate That.


For tonkotsu broth, most of the ramen restaurant only use the pork ribs bones and boil it till the everything is soft. We bring the heat up to high boiling for 2hrs and then we set it to Low boil till the bones become soft. Every 30mins, we use wooden paddle to Ensure there is no meat that stick on the bottom. We do not add any other things in the broth. But the way that you guys are cooking isn’t wrong, everyone have their ways to cook their broth. Just sharing what I learn while I’m working as a ramen Chef.

No Ferrari’s

zhanibek nickname

jimmy pls give chandler 5 more chances

MrMicDogMan T.A.F

Is your mom my mom?



Raggedy Anastasia

OMG I cried a bit

TriggerGood ROBLOX Gameplays and More!

jk rowling now make gay


It's in my head! Help!

•Hannah Fran•

When you just sit here, knowing you’re an ace and don’t like people


Well those are the consequences for crossing the border illegally. Nothing is free in life and you must work for it.


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