Vellutata di lenticchie e patate allo zafferano

La ricetta per una vellutata sensazionale? Il segreto è lo zafferano! Prova questa crema vellutata di lenticchie e patate, ideale per scaldare le sere invernali.► ISCRIVITI per più VIDEORICETTEgratis la raccolta di ricette per Natale: oltre 300 pagine tra dolci e salati ►cucinare una deliziosa vellutata allo zafferano con patate e lenticchie?Ecco tutti gli ingredienti per preparare questa vellutata semplice e sfiziosa:LENTICCHIE ROSSE 500 grPATATE 2CIPOLLE 1CAROTE 1ALLORO 1 fogliaBURRO 30 grPOMODORI CILIEGINI 2ZAFFERANO 1 bustinaSALE q.b.PEPE NERO q.b.► Guarda la fotoricetta e crea il tuo RICETTARIO:cucina di Cookaround c’è sempre qualcosa di nuovo da imparare! Ogni giorno ricette veloci e facili da replicare ma anche tutorial passo passo con la cucina d’autore dello chef Luca Pappagallo.Puoi scegliere tra più di 500 ricette originali della cucina italiana ed internazionale che aggiungeranno stile e fantasia ai tuoi piatti. ► GUARDA ALTRI VIDEO:ANTIPASTI DI ZUCCHERO VEGETARIANEnel mondo di Cookaround: la community per chi ama la cucina e tutto ciò che le gira intorno!sui SOCIAL- Facebook Twitter NON PUOI PERDERE LA PROSSIMA VIDEORICETTA!Iscriviti al canale

Olivia Grillo

You should let go of a balloon and follow it with a drone to see where it goes


Feels like Rockstar is sitting up for a huge Easter egg or, for all we know, a whole game that is about that spaceship. And maybe it all rotates around that mountain. As the mountain you climb to see this ufo could very well be mount chilliad itself.


Is there an Easter egg in breakable boxes in hoth?

The Spanish Inquisition

what about the skyrim easter egg at the start of the game?

Me: what?


If they hit water they would-be en dead necause drom that height water acts like concrete

Vante Gogh

Beautiful 😭💜

Adoption is an option. it sounds like its fake bcz shes roleplaying it xd

Tomas Galo

Purple hoser all the way

Suniclu ಥ_ಥ

👁 👁


Im from serbia and everything she said about bullying is true you can get stabbed people wont come to help you they will just watch you bleed out if you dont have friend that can and will protect you will have bad time😂


Good idea, i doubt the lobbyists will let it pass though.

Jessica Dittami

I’m Chief Chafer

Camron Lande

It’s Mario theme

Lonely Potato

Lottery helper: do you want your 1B pounds? 2 years later

Jamie Totten

Then he went to the browns...

Kamila Torres

I feel so bad for u


At 8:22 a woman says in French "Ils ont pas l'air frais ces poissons" which means "these fishes don't look fresh". It may be a reference to Asterix and Obélix, where Ordralfabétix, the fish seller of the village often says that his fishes are very fresh.

Eianna in Aliccia

She went though soo much 🥺😫😫

Seriously Mason

I.. Was just looking for the sports channel Gary. LMAO

Exility Nate

What if on the first clip the ball didnt make it


Was garret kicked out of dude perfect???

De'Avionna Sanders

Welp, I’m still having kids I just don’t wanna give birth I’m not good with pain😂😭


this Wipeout is AWESOME . I love DP

Thomas Martin

wait... what if inside the mountain is a bunker...


nice job

Carlos Lopez

Halo4 and Halo5 never happened or what?

Mandy Sáles

9:39 awwwwwwwwww

Beau Braverman

Im a patriots fan

Sam Boyo


Amy Wall

Mine is vertrelity edition

yuri plisetsky

When i was a kid my mom used to hit me and now that I’m older im always afraid when someone raises their hand Niere me


1:19 I like this bit.


1:42 Beware of falling bats

Quiet Breeze

Still have no clue what's going on but this looks amazing!!

Alessio Swire

This is actually amazing.

Sivangi Bipin


Potatos Have feelings

How about Alex Morgan?


The scariest part about this is that me and my family FELT that, too! Surprisingly nothing noticeable fell over in our house. Man, that poor pilot, at least a SIGNIFICANT amount of people lived this time.

Taran Alvi


mulham _mwk

you are the best


sashank avirneni

I think that I would go for team ty

Beetle Bucher

There is no sound in space

Mariam X

30:02 “IT DIDN’T EVEN WORK!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Eddy Jimenez

That would not have hit J-Fred’s foot.

Brandon Pardi

1:49 I was so confused when I saw that when first playing halo 3 odst. now I get it

Jaxon Dreyer


Bagas Respaty

I love the panda


Alright! Starting off with a Jojo reference. This video's going to be good.

Happy Salma-SM

garretsucks baibititiirgyhudly

Kai Deneubourg

the lonely deer is bambi LOL

Reaper Zoroark

Even though I have my Life ahead of me    

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