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Joanna Comnas

Dude perfect I don't know if you would read this but I think you guys are awesome!!!!👍👍👍 And I think you all have a friendship and talent people would die for. Your awesome,talented and cool! Love your videos and good job


what song are they playing through out the whole video?


That's why you should get Amino


ur beautiful even if you are wearing jeans

Vulcan Ops


Jordan Kennedy

I love the fact how the raptors players are asking him. If he’s ok and helping him


Great music choice btw


Who are watching in 2018


DP you guys are amazing and if you check out our attempts at tricks that would be so cool! Anybody Please check out our channel

titebridgeplayzs minecraft and roblox more!

So true doe


But when the dog passes away, she will go to a bigger depression

Grant Odom

The real question is why do they keep flamethrower on the back Polaris

Yeah, I don't think that I'll ever come down

KGV Rajan

who inside panda

عبدالله الطويل


Anna Hovakimian

looks like their sister is officially dropped

Willem Gundersen

How do you hold it?JuSt GRaB It!

Mila Miela

netflix’s creators story

That Pterodactyl

Wow fuck u ann


I’d end it, because I wouldn’t see any reason to try and keep it up like that

prec. Báli

Love, Death and Robots easter eggs ?

Daniel Davis

Max kellerman needs to just suck lashes dick already

never happened

HighTechNoob Fan

When you cant even throw a pinball into a cup from 3 feet...

Dawn Lindsay

Fun fact curings which is the type of coffee maker you use in the video actually has a little compartment inside of it that holds morning grease and a lot of yucky stuff that gets put in your coffee and it cannot be reached unless you take it apart so you might not wanna use anymore my parents had one and they got rid of a thing about Mr. coffee

Lebron Remogat


Adeline Bade

Elsa better be lesbian or I’m done with Disney princesses


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