freja Lenschow

Oml shes a gaint jerk

The Formal Top-hat

I feel like they're not actually doing the trick shots

Yo ER7

Do you know that Adidas was mad in 1837

Deron So cool

Ok not to be rude u sounds retardant when u care about ur hair more but let’s get to the point u need to ask God to take it away and ask that everything be alright

the best peson

I love youguys

... ... ... ,/: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :“-,: : : : : : :\: : : : / That's right


Man that ending was epic, you should do more of this stuff in your next videos. I don't know why but I recognize you more when you add this kind of vines or whatever in your videos. You seem to be a funny guy irl, and I can feel it when you do that. Oh btw, that was a really good upload dude. I hope you'll keep doing what you love for a long long time.

Anon None

Me !


team Zamazenta


I was really hoping you’d do a video on this. Cheers man 😊👍

(Im from mex so my grammar and spelings miyt be wrong sorry)

Lennox the corn snake

I had no clue that was checkers

The number 9

Like to reaver panda

oyun delisi eliyev

DUDE PORFECT 41 000.000 abone

Jenny Cuntballs

lol at how you think serious sam is an indie game


@silvergunbullet your kidding right?

Cool Aid67

Who else thought ty was going to be the rage monster againEDIT: nvm he was later on

#RedSpectre _231


lucky jinx

What about we also fix the problem not only the results?


How the fuck can people have the time to find these?


You should do a 'Beet Easter eggs video on Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite' :D


Damn Elsa, your water bending abilities are extreme. Iceman should be proud!!

Victoria Wall

Shawn Johnston East!!!!!

Jack Tarascio

wut doin

Karim Husseini

Keep trying cobs


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