Unlock Chronic Low Back Pain with Gentle Somatic Yoga: led by James Knight, E-RYT

Stability and Flexibility are dance partners in good spinal health. But when we hold pain and tension in our back, especially our low back, we lose our flexibility and restrict our ability to move freely. Give this Somatic Movement Flow a try and see if you can loosen up a bit!To view this entire LIVE Gentle Somatic Yoga Class held at the Yoga Vista Studio in Vista, CA, view it on James' YouTube Channel:more of James Knight's Gentle Somatic Yoga DVDs and books, visit

and those guys who developed metal gear referenced assassins creed games a LOT and so did ubisoft in assassins creed

Inze Gras

Why are all those vintage shooters oversexualized?

Chubi Del Rosario

I'm so excited

Anubis IsDead

I know this is a late comment, like a year late, but can you put the original world record under your own?

Monya. A

you told your dream................

Richard Trinh

Give it to Dennis and see what to do with him

Life Reaper

Garret says thanky

philly sports beast

he gotone

Gael Rodríguez


Demi Alex

Scroll up pussy. ;)

Adam Alamos

Ayy lmao

1000 abonnés sans Vidéo ?

Grâce à cette pub sa m’a donné envie de re installer clash of clan on peut dire que leurs pub est réussi 😁

Rain Magno

2018 anyone?


damien Lindstrom

did anybody realize the dragon that flew around during the mine craft reference howled like a wolf The dp team go:yehhhhhhhhh

itsyogurl shauntae

Give me an alex

Kerri Clark



I love the out doors but when I start to watchyou guysI automatically turn into a couch potato

Dmitry Godlevsky

Yo what the fuck is with the 2018 crap


mathew donaldson

Mills jackson

shahad vlogs

I think the title should be

Jodie Draws

Is anyone here pilipino if so

Czele Gergo

The bestwas The Dirty Curve

Woodoboys Chanel

00:56 Assasins Need (Love too)=Assasins creed

crazy fanliy tanya and tamir

I’m sorry

B1A4Jinyoung & BlackPinkJisoo

Guys the Ufo Easter eggs needed 100% game complete right?Does it mean the strangers and freaks need to complete too?


Real life

Your so heartless and disrespectful


Is that Doge?

Nascar football and racing Network

I’m from 2018

0 subs with no videos without a video

Every 15k dislike is all the Democratic animal rights activists

Cracyeccololly Kidrauhlisthelord

I have to call bluff on this story only because of the Vietnam war it wouldn’t make sense she would only be 15 now she would more closely be in her 40 or 50 what would make more sense is the Afghanistan war witch then would make more sense that she would be 15

Tom The Cat

titanfall 2 please

Anxiety: punch him, he’s no good 👇

My penis is microscopic and

just make it look like pure metal and u have a projectile of APFSDS

Jimmy Phadphom

This video made me mad you can’t love live to the fullest it’s impossible we have to live life for Christ also there are no kids playing on a teeter totter that is life and death


5:53 i didnt knowfirewood was a part of Codys life savings

Jim Jim

5:40 I thought he through the turtle

I suck at video games

Bets on how fast this will reach Top 1 trending


Damn, this got me nostalgic. The first video i watched of you was the mirror's edge easter eggs video, a few weeks after it was uploaded (maybe 1-2 months, even before i had a Youtube account). Crazy how big you've gotten <3

RJ Amesdra

I actually wanna see her now. She's probably not ugly.

Naddy Playz

So cool ! Can't wait xD

The unknown

Thats a waste of toys. You could have gave them to charity

Heather Hunt

I feel to pain I have been through it too and it sucks and its scary


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