IL PANE PIZZA. Come guadagnare almeno 10,00 euro al giorno facendo il nostro pane HOME MADE.


wheres garret

Weston Lewis

I got so excited when I saw The World's End in the thumbnail. Not nearly enough people talk about that movie.


2:16 "Then I realized that it was too late for BTS" Wait WHAT?! Am I hearihg right?!

The Eternal Flame

All I want is controllers that don't break after two weeks

Prodigy Gamer

First off who crashed the person who caused it should’ve been sued if the parents crashed into the other car that would mean the parents were responsible and this is just harsh karma


Take 3,492

Cranky Iizard

Rage Monster

Way to go Lele!!


40.000. 000 SUBS


Tu es très bon en ski !!


selene Reyes

It made me cry


Nice Hartford Whalers hat

Also Emma: for the test we're studying the states

The Daily Show

I’m almost crying like one more thing and I’ll be balling I can’t imagine losing a friend that you’ve had since middle school

Kain Ashford

Hey guru can you maybe do a video on best movies with references to another thing. That would be cool and I know you could pull it off and make it great!

Anna Jones

I do

Trường Phát

So fantastic

Skeleton Guy

Brother: let’s play our secret game!

Rob bue

I’m NAME AND ADDRESS WITH HELD and I’m saying I hate myself.

TheDerp Troope

It ain't a space exploration game without at least a single reference to Star Wars or Star Trek.


Mexico congrats! You are safe...

connor kettwig


Teddy Cush

lole lulaby for a dead man.



Coco Martin

Story: Anonymous = sounds like they just made it all up but ok

Jalmar van Tooren

still don’t think mama mcbroom likes her

Itz_jenny 12


Rhys Williams

holy crap 1:04 jasons eyes move

John Eduard Dizon

I know that these days that they treat the animals some good medicine so that we can eat happily


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