Ummadi Kutumbam Telugu Movie Part 07/14 || NTR, Savitri, Krishna Kumari

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As a natural Frenchman, your crêpe pronunciation makes me wanna kill you or me

WHAT THE Productions

Not your last video

Madison Whittemore

I love watching your videos!! I have noticed though that you go through a lot of wipes and tissues when wiping off swatches. Have you ever considered using a less wasteful option like a washable cloth/ microfiber towel? I use reusable cotton pads and love them! Just a suggest to help cut down on waste!

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Was that intentionally in the video lol

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Yahli Savir-Arkony

JJ really needs people to know how rich he is

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Have you done the Payday : The Heist Easter eggs?



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Wow smart and funny woman, Shawn you do a great job of letting people be themselves.👍

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So sure you’ve heard but Alex wasabi raged dogs and 3 of yours were rated!!

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Are you Thai?! I’m thai and I know that icon


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Why is the child’s hair orange even though none of the parents have orange


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I am a 11 year old and last year i got told I have the same thing but I think I have other stuff I what to kill myself

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He does look a bit like Nathan Drake


Thanks for the video👍🏾🔥🔥

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I don't get 10

Trevor Belmont

Good ass quality content as always.

Kathryn Martin

4:55 I know that this is a good illustration... but why does his hair look more like it's a light brown then red?

D. D.

Where do you Bye your Hoodies with your Logo ?????


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@nicwongsci So did everyone else.

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She’s the Goat on the Hot Ones! Went through all the wings straight.


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