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Hoşgeldiniz - Welcome to TurkishTeaTalk !desire of Turkish Tea Talk is to discover, explore and learn the joys of Turkey and celebrate the differences between Turkey and the rest of the world. Turkey is rooted in a deep culture filled with pride, beauty and a uniqueness which I hope you will grow to embrace and love.


That last one is legit 900 iq

Snake King

Hello people I made shriek, moto moto big,chungug, and more



The Cringelord, Euan.

it's clearly kim jong un


Where did you get the idea for this? Counter Strike isn't a game that I think of when I think easter eggs haha

Adrian Keyes

Rip eggie

Martha's Kookie

Someone: alright, say cheese! (Ready to take a picture) my favourite egg from it that i remember well is the ufo inside the giant apple lol


0:07 Is that hobby kids

Megan Hudson

u guys r awesome

Mixed like marble?

Anakin Skywalker

Ty pleaaaseeeeeeee stop winning

Mr. Time limit

Who else misses the animated trailers?

Katelyn L

I love how there’s happy music in the background

ski. luhh

Why is she mad when she was the one daydreaming at work instead of actually doing her job?

Uh, would just have thought of me

Explodin Cow

3:29 haters will say it's fake

We Are Rip City

Anybody else notice the blonde guy is eye to eye with Melo??

Ethan Kaiser

Thank you for warning about turning volume down

Traeton Kirsch

Never hade rc car :(“”


I want to be a lion king of the jungle 😏

ASK Institute of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts

song name?

Mr. Rickster

+funwithguru u are amazing at finding Easter eggs

cat lover

Anna with that hair looks so freakin' gorgeous omg


So that's how Ryan Swipe got those concussions...


Someone in october 2018?

Colin Roblox


Angel Tapia

Faze rug go back to Chuck-E-Cheese

Calie Anslem

Ti is the winner

Vikrant Gade

3.41 ummmm you are suppose to jump at that moment not make way for the ball😅

Purple Sky the Emo

So how long does your period last?

Lauren VanAuker

Go Cowboys! It sucks they didn’t make the super bowl tho..

Nate Harris

2016 Welcome to court edition haha

Joan Lingmerth

rickardo was fake

Alex Thomas

taco invented facebook

Skunky Ol Coot ?

Rip old guyHe was the best actor



eduardo fmoraes

tais isso perfect

K.A.P. !

0:34Elsa...? When did you enter the Triwizard Tournament?Cuz that lake and the Kelpie sure look familiar!


Moral of the story: Don't get drunk at parties that have bedrooms, couches, or separate rooms period. You will get smashed, and you'll be too drunk to tell them to WEAR THEIR CONDOMS

Morgan Maddick

no shit why do you thnk its on the vid


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