நேரம் இது நேரம் இது...நெஞ்‍சில் ஒரு பாட்டு எழுத... (ரிஷி மூலம்)

Tamil Film:"RISHI MOOLAM"Starring : sivaji,k.r.vijayaSong: neram ithu neram ithu...nenjil oru paattu ezhutha...

Brandon Bordi

Can you try to do a shot from the top of the Space Needle in Washington

Nik Šilc

One punch in the balls and boys are out


The last summer I did nothing so what I’m going to do this summer would be better than doing nothing I think not


300 likes? dude you get way more than that

T Chambers

@sewRsk8R clearly just a re do im sure he didnt do that first try

Jamarcus Little

When ty bloked ball I was weak😂


Man battlefield looks amazing!

Lapi G101

Dang now this movie will get even more Conspiracy Theories than what it had before.

Scott Davidson

1 im so fancy 2 ?


R.I.P Christopher "Big Black" "Black Lavender" Boykin :'(

Miss Millaya

Yeah North Korea sucks.


You forgot the nutmeg! No mashed potatoes without nutmeg! Just give it a try

Spartan King

Why am I crying

Erik D

hey Elon just looking for some advice. I am turning 13 this year and am struggling to make friends at my new school. This big kid called Justin keeps asking me why my bag is so big so i showed him but he said it was 'gay' to bring my body pillow and viagra tablets to school. But what else am I meant to do at break-times now that I have been kicked out of the Yu-Gi-Oh club for covering the paralysed kids feet in peanut butter? Anyone Elon just wandering how a fellow intellectual can be successful and smoke weed like you?

M Balollu

Dylan you are AMAZING!!! Stay Blessed xxx

Măđď._.Ğämëř Wəıřđø

*Cries in poor*

NF: am I a joke to you

Rebecka Hahnel

Take all the time you need to heal your heart and get things settled, Jeffree. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time.

Adam Harrison

Micheal Edgar I am in 2019.


Well, I mean do you rather lose your life or your hair


Bloody amazing

3 words


So, wait, did the easter eggs not happen or is the video about eater eggs that just aren't used a lot?

Perim Nela

*smashes my head on a table*


Go team coby


Man the fact this is fake makes me happy


5 months straight? I can barely handle having mine for 5 days straight lol

hazel rivas


Hank Moody

I see nothing wrong with this

please sub :(

Hadrien M

This is something you might not know about Dude Perfect they are all christians

Chance TimesInfinity

this is legit like an 8th grade final test and its hilariously hard for them


Your videos always make me happy, keep up the good work!

Nerd Invaders

Trip Flip is the masss shot

Katy Fields

You should do air soft battle


The girl in the thumbnail looks like Larry’s mom from sally faceeee

Lake Leonard

Wait, so she’s depressed because she’s healthy?




Amberprice is best anyway

Logan Arrowood

This video is garbage lol


On the first one the fletching or feather what ever u want to call it he held it wrong


the one with the beard and hat is the only one that names the shots

Boss Man


Vaults Pump because of “Over Aggression”

Weapons of America


I just think I need a little free time

random chicken

wait...that's illegal

Vasilis Kostaras

I swear his music can help you withstand any hardship and give you the motivation to continue...

Literally no one:

Indu thapa


Richard Fiala

Can you do trick shots with zipchip?

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