Try to control your tears after watching this II Best Poem on Father II Most Emotional II Moby

Poem : Nazm from Tafreeh Pesh-kashA peom with no Name. As Moby cant explain father in one word. If you are strong enough then watch this beautiful peice by Moby. I am sure it will melt your heart to the core. Video CreditsWritten and Narrated by : Mohammad MubashshiirDirected by : Ashik PadinjattilCamera Operative : Soumya JosephEditor : Rajan RautMusic : Vasudev GandharvSound Engineer : Anish BongaleSound Recordist : Yash BarseProduction Manager : Vinod PrajapatiProduction Assistant : Harsh PatelHMU : Shyam ReddySound Studio (Mixing and Mastering) : Ovation Media

me:*stares* wtf MY LIFES A LIE!!!!!!

Hairy Penis

Sky zone

Heart Hero’s

What happened to the kids

Christine Hahn

my stage fright was triggered when the curtains opened🤣 kudos to james and all the performers!

Im scared of pain pain pain!!!!

Glory Death

I meant number 10

sunshine blue

but for real, wouldn’t be nice. If it was a mexican team in the NBA ?

Allison Sanchez

How many shots do you guys shoot until you make it perfect?


Get outta here Lilith

Although i dont know how that smells...

Zharea Scott

Our two kings saving the rap game

Nautilus The Titan of the Depths

I died at the left4bread one XDDDD



Alecktre Carlile

Her history section was geography sksksksksks

Nick -

once they said an average shot take 7-10 times


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