Try Not to Laugh Best Funny Pranks 2018 to Pull on Friends

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Catching giant barracudas Is my life

5:24 I trusted you! Everyone laughs

Mintyicey Fox

This is Disobeying God!!! He did not Command this!

Matt Gerding

Mines the 24th too whaaaaaatttt


Standing as off this episode : Tyler : 9,5 winsCody : 3 winsGarret : 2,5 winsCory : 1,5 winsCoby : 0,5 wins* the halves are from team win

Loco kid


H4ckYT H4ckYT

Bust down Gloriana.

jimiin diana

#23 trending in SPAIN🇪🇸😊 CONGRANTS twice😍😍😍😍!!!!

BTSEmily Lee

I saw this on Facebook

Austin horbecker.

I have the game

I love you jungkook 😍

Krish Patel


Hvorfor er du her?




I love America.

Nick Nick

I hate the way she says MAMA!!!

moresuper badger

I normally stay after class to sort the draw to neatness so I'm always late to the next class


Do you think you'll ever run out of eater eggs in The Talos Principle?


I have the same pen as Skip, im soo proud about that!!!!!!!!!

Mia Stamp

That rat gave me major ASMR

-MONnie- -

Guru ❤


Was kinda hoping for a montage of dark souls bonfires in different games tbh.

Simon Golden

the one where you said what the shot name should be names is up and in the basket

katty vasiliou

I was been bullied for 11 years till 2018 i tried talk to teachers they didn't listen then i was ready to fight back. Luckily I won the fight and one of the bullys tried to snap my neck but he was sent to the hospital with a broken arm and they never bullied me again now i am 16 year old and i was getting bullied since I was 4 ... It doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy if someone hurts you fight back now i live happily and no one is trying to mess with me . If you feel week like me start some karate lessons or boxing like i did.☺️

Aidan Pierce

Am going to axe the flower a question

Ezula boi

her: falling in love at the age of 3 dO yOu HaVe ThE mOsT tRuStEd BaTtEriEs iN yOuR nOiSe CaNcELLiNg HeAdPhOnEs?

J Bela

Poor guy died a painful but quick death. Horrific. RIP


I’m going on a plane in 6 fricking weeks why do I put myself through these things


Can you please rephrase that in english.


What the gun you use on the first easter egg? The one with the brain, not Maria.

Sayed Farhan


boss boy

2019 anyone?

Memester Boi101


Daniel Gramprie

It made me laugh

Gabe Robert

boy they ask the owners of the court and with there power of awsome

Kevin Shields

Surprised you missed the concrete shoes one!

Cheryl Reeves

My name is Demmi

conscious 212

Loving the feminine energy from this video. but i don't like the alpha feminist movement

jena abduwani



" your life sure looks a lot better when your brain is on the same page you are " Me: I can’t even afford a large soda


Hakuna matata got me hooked.. 😁

Elizabeth Bennet

Team Necklace. Ain't nothing harder than diamond.


do you have to add “-ness” to every single adjective you use bro?


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