Travelocity Roaming Gnome Loves Aspen

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Galactic Waffles1243

I have one word to say after this videoSpeechless

The Hole in Dans Sock

What no facebook live stream of her giving birth? SMH.

Igor Bechtlufft

Really dig the retro logo at the end.

Itz Terra


Perfect perfect perfect


Oooooooh myyyyyyyyy goooooooood I’m excited !!!!!

At school I have some sort of a half-bully. During lessons, she's extremely mean, but at the breaks and after school, we're like great friends! She buys me stuff sometimes, helps to carry stuff etc. Still tho, when she's mean she tells me stuff that hurts me real bad*. I've tried standing up to her, and, I guess it sort of worked? She stoped replying and ignored me for the rest if school. She always yell "SHUT UP, [my name] AND WORK LIKE OTHERS!!" (Explanation: On that one lesson when you craft with wood, wires, etc [I dunno what it's called in english] I once quickly told my friend something [it was super loud and others were talking.] The half-bully only cared that *I talked].), so I replied "STOP YELLING AT OTHERS AND BE NORMAL LIKE OTHERS!!". She yells at other people too and tells them a ton of lies, thinking my whole class is dumb, besides her. My replies aren't brilliant, but I guess they sort of work... I guess.

(I know it's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure let me try to be funny)


bruh y u got jizz on yo cheeks

Seth Collins

Ty I love the cowboy shoes

Danesses Alcone

After 2000000000 times... come on people...

Isla Duguid

No one talks about the struggle of putting on weight...


Yeah, I wasn't trying to be a dick. It's fun to watch and I like what DudePerfect does.

Samuel Esparza

Kojima makes the best easter eggs.

Leticia Saavedra

How sad 😢

A Fat Dalmatian

The wristband one is adorable.

Hank Anderson

check out our videos

Trevor Philips

I think you need to spam If Texts Were Real more

Rico Rico

My hair will never be as beautiful as as used to be at leasts your hair is growing back.

SfmHero 01

0:49 Wow! Her makeup still looks good. She really is powerful.

Ashley Rivera

She is sooooo kind.❤

darla Jenkins

I felt a hand on top of my crach😂😂😂😂

James Cushen

I'm Irish and the school's in Ireland are usually really good and everyone is nice

Kaiyo Kana

I find it very ironic that there’s 666 dislikes on this video-

Daniel Derpinson

he is only right about the khajjit thing


Michael Jordan wants to know your location

Me: dont make me delete your fortnite account.


"Your nearly there" Nice spelling naughty dog :/

T d

رائع واكثر من رائع

Abigail Miller

this hurts to watch


Some of them probs aren't even eastereggs, like them putting there logo in the game IT'S THERE LOGO how is that an easteregg?

Aaron Madrid

Oh s*** that is perfect!


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isabela velasco

friends like you 😍😍

Argentina 💋💗

Nicole Wilson



you two would make a great couple.

Daxin Benes

lil secret here 3:11

Shattered Glory

Well my story was different. The first to beat a test

Kitten KC

that's wicked

I was waiting for that dragon to come whoop your ass.

Entees Sutisna



Wish all the best for your family ❤️💐

Cousin.vs. Cousin 33

I wish I could get one of those airplanes

chemical duo


Kalen Thovson

1:06 you can see panda trying to tackle


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