TORTA SALATA SOFFICE ALLE ZUCCHINE Ricetta Facile - Savory Zucchini Cake Easy Recipe

✿ LIBRO Fatto in Casa da Benedetta 2► LIBRO Fatto in Casa da Benedetta 1► BLOG► INSTAGRAM► FACEBOOK► ISCRIVITI► SALATA SOFFICE ALLE ZUCCHINE Ricetta FacileSavory Zucchini Cake Easy Recipe Torta salata di zucchine con prosciutto e formaggio. Ricetta facile per una torta rustica da gustare calda appena sfornata o da sfruttare per una cena fredda. L'impasto a base di zucchine può essere arricchito con molte altre varianti, seguite la ricetta per scoprirlo...Titolo: TORTA SALATA SOFFICE ALLE ZUCCHINE Ricetta FacileSavory Zucchini Cake Easy Recipe RICETTA STAMPABILE➜ INGREDIENTI ●200g di zucchine3 uova2 cucchiaini di sale1 cucchiaino di zucchero40g di parmigiano.150g di latte120g di olio di semi di girasole50g di fecola di patate250g di farina1 bustina di lievito istantaneo per torte salate 15g100g di prosciutto cotto a cubetti100g di emmental a cubetti🇬🇧 INGREDIENTS 🇬🇧200g of zucchini3 eggs2 teaspoons of salt1 teaspoon of sugar40g of Parmesan cheese150g of milk120g of sunflower oil50g potato starch250g of flour1 bag of baking powder 15g100g of diced ham100g of diced emmenthal cheese----------------------------------☆LINKS & SOCIAL☆----------------------------------★ Iscriviti al Canale➜ Vai al Sito➜ Segui su Facebook➜ Segui su Instagram➜ Segui su Twitter➜ Segui su Pinterest➜ Italian Channel ▶︎ English Channel ▶︎ Music Channel ▶︎ - TORTE - CROSTATE: CREATIVE E DIVERTENTI: AL CUCCHIAIO: IN CUCINA: - CONSERVE - LIQUORI: SALATE: E SOLUZIONI FAI DA TE: E DOLCETTI: E CREME: NATURALE: LIBRO Fatto in Casa da Benedetta 2► LIBRO Fatto in Casa da Benedetta 1► MAUI MEDIA SRL Business Mail:🇮🇹🇬🇧

Prithvi Hebbar

Like if live the trophy

BOE Dolo

The warriors crowd cheered when kyrie got hurt in game 1 👎🏽🙄


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The Negro Leagues

If only it actually would look like this


Charlemagne vs Constantine I 'the Great' Battle of the Emperors

Amaan Patel

I am your biggessssst friend and I am also doing trick shots everyday

Skyler Loyd

Can you show pandas face??



Ashok Sane


FR's Ways

Do you release them back ( I remember watching this vid but never asked this question )


Paris638 Paris 638

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Lord of Deer

I did pic up on the resident evil picture. but I've never played the remastered so I didn't know if it was apart of the game or not. good job

merel michiels

wow im proud of you off telling it live ur life :(

coolio noobio

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7:19 love how they connected spiritually.

Maynard Acosta

Tony is the type of guy that get sad after winning and let the looser get interviewed first

Gabe Robert

boy they ask the owners of the court and with there power of awsome

Zaid Siddiqui

Please do a video about the 6DAY WAR!👍🏽👍🏽😁

Taylor Judah

Do Kip Moore next PLEASE!!

Hunter69 yt

Just run away!

Scyther Gaming

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What fuck is this

Sasidhar Chandu

Y Are u not making any video ????



Lost Percussionist

I don’t really understand what the title means

Sebastian Ong

The only channel that I watch every video



Shannon Schultz

The little nuggets at the end are everything. So cute

Tamer Ibrahim


Raul Fuentes

He really looks scary and he looks like god

Monte Swan


Bonnie Morris

Thank Goodness I have to be a little bit more fun


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