Torta allo yogurt al cocco ricoperta di confettura e granella di zucchero

Torta allo yogurt al cocco senza glutine ricoperta di confettura e granella di zucchero, un dolce semplicissimo e veloce da preparare, che conquista tutti per la sua bontà e morbidezza.Ricetta Stampabile: #senzaglutine #MaryZeroglutineIngredienti2 uova, 2 vasetti di yogurt al cocco da 125 g ognuno, 180 g di zucchero, 200 g di farina di riso, 80 g di fecola di patate, 90 ml di olio, 1 bustina di lievito per dolci, confettura gusto a piacere e granella di zucchero.

Ama Faith

Here's my story:I was in 2nd grade when I saw 'Frozen' for the first time. On the last day of school,sang 'Let It Go' in front of my class.I know the sound track is going to be great.

Eymen Aşcı


Kawaii Tim-Tam

I’m early.... enough

Gets last place

Ryan Everhart


Gory Magala

Bring back panda!


Hi dude perfect

palden amendt

u need the 4 season dlc: 4000 mp

See you Lighter

Chocolate and Starbucks

chinmay babu

What happened to team program



i think its cute how guru asks for 100 likes even though he could get like 500 in every video <3

Joshua Wei

Asmr in porn?

Fizzle HD

My birthdays the 24 of March swear to god

Autumn Faye

Can you do a review about jefree star the gloss and jacklyn hill lipsticks !!! ❤️

gypsygrace vintagegoat

I think they sould make more videos like that.

He said he is sick and is going to kill himself if I didn't send him those pictures. I went to the internet to find some pictures and send them to him. But later he asked for more. He even wanted me to make a video where I did something absolutely disgusting. I refused. I am happy I did. Acting like the picture's are from me is worse enough.

Nonexistent —

Ahhhh it’s here


Ty looks like Eric Weddle like if you agree

Emil Alldredge

who’s rewatching christmas 2018?

Me:puts hood on

ryana ew

half of these comments aren’t funny

Default boi


Frank Munguia



"ay bro watch yo jet"

James Thompson

I love the last one

Anandan Amasai Gounder

blue team loses

잼민이의 잼밌는 게임 플레이

It's so great... LOL

Say say don t give up

Can i get 100 sub without a vid? PLS

Anyone december 2018?



I hope this helps..

john pozzi

poor sharks

The Gawler Explorers featuring 'Jobe and Taj'


Raulito Ochoa

You guys are the best DP🎖🏆🏅🥇


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