TOP 15 VISUAL | CENTER | FACE OF THE GROUP KPOP BOY GROUP 2018 || (Based on Popularity)

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Ty Schnitker

Do behind the scenes

Josh Faulkner

I was the best Bond.

Vintage sunflower

Did no one notice the happy gilmore reference?


No I ain't subscribing

Xtreme Games

Too bad the season itself was disappointing.

Tain Jamir

Bullies be warned

Temmie Plays roblox elite

Are you specified Gun users

TaeNy's Child

Well...he's horrible in my opinion

Azirea Carter

I was cryinggggggggggg this was so sad I preyed for them

Mr Clean

The old guy is so funny😂😂

Alex Kaskie

Finally another Jedi game.

Dilnawaz Khan

Who is panda

eye can’t


Mohanned Abdulaziz

Honestly, it doesnt hurt that much. I stepped on lego. It barely hurts compared to other stuff.1-10 pain index 10 basically you are about to die from pain. I would say its literally a 3 or maybe higher if I remember the pain

j ling

I don't get you guys who says that these videos are fake!!!Just... Stop saying that!!! I mean are u blind or something? Why would people post videos that are fake? It's called logical !!!! Congrats dude perfect for having 10 million subscribers !!!!!

i read guru

she got paralyzed

Julianna Kopa

I always loved the scene from Sherlock Holmes


Lmao dat last one

Ru5H TrixiE

Can you guys do hockey trick shots

Liv Kinsella

I`m pretty simple, i see Emma i click

Jullie Bev

Joseph Allen Kenya knows yours name lots of love go for it man you amazing.

John Hardiman

Team cody will win because he's the best team............

Hannah Ross

Love ya guys

gisa Maromba Santos

Algun Br

Was Gud

I thought this channel was fake after the I made adidas ones but now seeing this :( poor bijuu


Dude perfect is perfect at getting subscribers too!

John Santander

Is that Antman?

Clemente Cámbara

Hey Guru! Are you still recieving questions for your QnA? Oh, and nice video!



Alex Craver

Ty's pose was WAY better


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