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Gaming with Sofi

I kept it a secret SHARES ALL OVER YOUTUBE I’m not hating it just that secrets should not be revealed

Dean Tomlinson

This song makes me wanna laugh at my own comment.

Lianne Nicole Cortes Nieves

Mee to xd

Chandler: wins for the first time

Seham Nhayli

Don't worry my brother has diabetes type 1 to

Gacha Terrier

She has tumor or brain cancer SHE SHOULD HAVE A MR TEST

Also i just couldn't like Geralt. He was too cold for my taste.

Brother Mayhem

Memes fucking cringe it's not even that funny anymore

Emma Conklin

Oh no your to skinny!!! 😱😱😱😱 crazy it’s almost like people get bullied about being fat and sometimes they kill them self’s ANYONE WOULD WANNA BE SKINNY


It was in inside out

KayKay that's cool

GIRL those are some THICK brows

Timothy The Tinkerer

Dang SmashMouth is frickin clever

Mr. Blocky95

Horse shoe

SnowBlueSage the bird and wolf girl


Ajeje Brazorf

0:51 miss five

Sabrina Alam

If I wrote my story would you help me tell it?

Simon Peterson

Close to 39M sub I like your videos


Tunes Machine


Ashton McCurdy

Tyler always wins Hahahahahahahahaha I’m funny make sure to subscribe to me

Black Rose

That office moment is amazing

slumps to the ground, defeated Fore more click here: @t​

Jack Daniels

3:45 It looks more like "The Rapist".

about 1.4 million and the house around 500,000 usd and tesla so about 2 million. I'm not bragging, so build the house from scratch, repaired the tanks the picture on the left is a new one I brought.

Life is Strange fan boy

4:38 you can see DJ Calen

John Bakeob

I've said it many times, but well done sir. Another all around great episode with amazing original content.


I honestly feel like Dying Light and The Following are really under appreciated. Yeah, the story for the two games wasnt the greatest nor the most original, but the gameplay was damn good, the atmosphere was there, great graphics, etc. Can't wait to see what Techland does next with the series.


@iplayallgames gay..

Gymnast For life

Look at the goal post at 1:45, it's so bent

White Rabbit

GuruKid's Groceries huh , i saw that

John Lashbrook

Anybody figure out how to unlock the lisa from pt decoy yet? Or the steam box?

Roblox/play with me/ nitsa_nitsa

The aaa in the start so cute

World Racing Animation

I’m the ridiculous trader because I don’t watch football

dat boi

Nice easter eggs!

xXslateXx pro

Tys dads beard is... Odd

Tyler Slep

I’m literally the human controller and I get so much trash about it

Alexis Creek

Carrie Underwood should be next


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