The English Language in 67 Accents & Random Voices

Brought to you by Jake Wardle at My third big accents video! A follow up of 'The English Language in 24 Accents' that unexpectedly went viral in September 2010 and 'The English Language in 30 Accents (Animated)' from July 2012. I have included all of the accents from my previous videos although I have relabelled some of them based on feedback. I start with accents from my own country and then move on to other countries around the world and then progress to other random voices which are not all accent specific but refer to different types of people including but not limited to; film and video-game characters and video-game races. I have also added subtitles this time because it was a heavily requested feature in my previous two videos. The subtitles include a few slang/ dialect translations in brackets.I picked up most of these accents and voices from TV, Movies, Video-games, internet and real life experiences. I apologise for the all the accents and voices that I didn't include or got wrong but it would be impossible to imitate every accent and voice on the entire planet (let alone do them all perfectly) I am only human after all. Accents labeled with "unspecified variant" mean that I am unsure of the specific type/region the accent is from and that it does not represent everyone from that country. I myself am a British, Southern English Londoner and my natural accent (that you hear at the beginning and end of the video) is a mixture of Formal RP and Cockney.Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to all my friends, family, viewers, and subscribers around the world who have supported me over the years.For your convenience:1: British (UK) - Southern English - East London - Cockney - 0:282: British (UK) - Southern English - London - Street/Mandem/Rudeboy/Badman/Roadman (Jamaican slang dialect) - 0:403: British (UK) - Southern English - Formal RP (Received Pronunciation) - 0:514: British (UK) - Southern English - Posh RP - 1:005: British Asian (UK) - (2nd generation, Southern English, South Asian youth) - 1:136: British Asian (UK) - (2nd generation, Northern English, South Asian youth) - 1:217: British (UK) - English - West-country (farmer) - 1:288: British (UK) - Northern English (unspecified variant) - 1:389: British (UK) - Northern English - Lancashire - 1:4710: British (UK) - Northern English - Liverpool (Scouser) - 1:5711: British (UK) - West Midlands - Birmingham (Brummie) - 2:0512: British (UK) - North Eastern English - Newcastle (Geordie) - 2:1113: British (UK) - Scottish (unspecified variant) - 2:1714: British (UK) - Welsh (unspecified variant) - 2:2515: Northern Irish (UK) (unspecified variant) - 2:3416: Southern Irish (Republic of Ireland) (unspecified variant) - 2:4317: American (USA) - General - 2:5318: Italian American (USA) (Mafia mobster) - 3:0119: American (USA) - Southern States (unspecified variant) - 3:1220: American (USA) - Southern States (Redneck) - 3:2021: African American (USA) (Ebonics/Vernacular) - 3:3422: Mexican (Chicano) - 3:4123: Canadian (unspecified variant) - 3:5124: Jamaican (unspecified variant) - 3:5825: French (unspecified variant) - 4:0826: German (unspecified variant) - 4:1627: Italian (unspecified variant) - 4:2628: Russian (unspecified variant) - 4:3429: Indian (unspecified variant) - 4:5030: Chinese (Cantonese) - 4:5931: Japanese (unspecified variant) - 5:0932: Australian (unspecified formal variant) - 5:1933: Australian (unspecified informal variant) - 5:2734: New Zealand (unspecified variant) - 5:5635: New Zealand (Maori) - 5:4436: South African (Afrikaans) - 5:5537: Nigerian (Igbo or Yoruba) - 6:0438: Random unspecified African - 6:1539: Squeaky English school kid that thinks he is tough (mini mandem) - 6:2340: Random deep Northern English - 6:3341: American surfer/stoner dude - 6:4642: Old film and broadcast voice (USA) - 6:5543: Old film and broadcast voice (UK) - 7:0944: Stereotypical old age pensioner (UK) - 7:1845: Stereotypical old age pensioner (USA) - 7:3046: Toddler/young child (UK) - 7:4147: Stereotypical geek/nerd (UK) - 7:5548: Stereotypical geek/nerd (USA) - 8:0849: Stereotypical gay/camp (USA) - 8:2050: Stereotypical gay/camp (German) - 8:2951: Stereotypical gay/camp (UK) - 8:4052: Text to speech (USA) - 8:5153: Text to speech (UK) - 9:0454: Automated voice (UK) - 9:1655: Automated voice (USA) - 9:3456: Random clueless person (UK) - 9:5257: Arnold Schwarzenegger - 9:58 58: Gollum from The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit - 10:0459: Big Smoke from GTA San Andreas (game) - 10:1860: OG Loc from GTA San Andreas (game) - 10:3361: Ghoul from Fallout (game series) - 10:4762: Super Mutant from Fallout (game series) - 10:5663: Vorcha from Mass Effect (game series) - 11:1364: Talking whilst breathing in - 11:2465: Growly voice - 11:3166 & 67: Lou and Andy from Little Britain - 11:42

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