The Duck Song Parts 1-3

Awesome T-Shirts & Hoodies: took all the three original duck songs and put them all in one video. I did not make them, please support the original makers.

A Boydude Reviews

Frozen Episode 2: The Snow Queen Strikes Back

Anthonett Makinde

But can they do it on a cold rainy night in stoke🤔🤔🤔🤔

My second resort is my Sister, she is really mature, so she would understand if I was explaining something.

Alex Alison

Awwwwwwww you're so perfect ! :3

Crazy Kids

Go coby

Amalia Panaccio

If all of you had depression you wouldn’t be commenting about it

Girls are strong

zian musthafa

3:46 tyler looks so like his father.....

No - Comment

safran rocky

Gaming stereo types


girl im sorry ti hear that but i see one girl like you in my school like 5 years ago and girls is like punching you i tried to talk to that girls but they also beated me

Ryota Masuda

At part where the dog sits it proves how much animals love you

Joel Ventura

Kevon Looney was funny and chill with Guillermo.

Am Ani

4:00 glucagon no insulin

Raul Sotomayor

Broken collarbone 🤕😥


Remember that this guy laughed at a dead deer.

Jason Secondmaxwell

This was kinda depressing to watch


What is the gabe Newell song in half life?

Face Man

I want to thank you for all the years of gameplay you have collected and made it so relaxing somehow. Just the ambience of the games is really relaxing.

Jereme Condon


Abu Naser Jaman

Nothing left to from u. All we want yo see wat u got bet ween ur legs. Spread ur legs n show in you tube.

Typhoon IV

U forgot cars planes

Emily Martin

I was born two months early and had a lot of health problems whenever I was born I didn’t cry whenever I was born I was supposed be born in July and I was born May



inthe hotel mision you can find a newspaper that says somethink ( i dont remember) but some leters where fading and the leters that was able to read easy was say something like god is dead or god is gone i dont remember


The ravens

Benny Boy

Hey guru what's your Xbox one gamer tag?

Bruno Agundez Migliavaca

Hi dude perfect wath is the name of the song

It,s awesome

Rajiv Casie Chitty

Dats very sad 😞 I’m not bieg sarcastic

ryan mcbride

Just the music alone gets me hype


moon guy


Sebastian Concha

Guru is my favourite black youtuber



Štěpán Nekvinda

I have never played wow on such details...its so beautiful!!


Clarita Brown

I love Ethan's "statistics!" lol


Who's the panda

Nils Meergans

Fantastic work man:) keep it up. I really like this new format, you can see all the effort you put into it:)


the panda was definitly garret!

Joel Smith

the chainsaw chalk easter egg is in a map called fog in cod ghosts

Sophia Nicole

3:43 hes not lying, not at all.

Gamer Hotpoint

If youlikethis nickname subcribeisgonna be cod


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