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Maxim Heilbron

The funny thing here in the Netherlands everyone is probably 3 inches shorter

Henry Petersen

Cory will win

Liza Jane

Go into the women's toilet at the mall


Garett will always be my fav...

Joelis Ayala

She face planted in the sand and her bikini falled.

andrew adamson

You know, I still cannot believe that Cody thinks there is sound in space.

Mishi Wishu

Ah yes, I was bullied because I didn’t want “the gays” having basic human rights. I totally have it worse than the gay people who are harassed, oppressed, and belittled everyday, yep. Feel sorry for my kAWaii AniME EyES please!

Kartor & Keegan

Team Tyler all the way




2:11 The screens could also relate to I, Robot. I think what is on the screens is used as a password to unlock the place to inject the Nanites into Vicki near the end.

"Homophobia can take many different forms, including **negative attitudes and beliefs about, aversion to, or prejudice against** bisexual, lesbian, and gay people. It’s often based in irrational fear and misunderstanding. Some people’s homophobia may be rooted in conservative religious beliefs. People may hold homophobic beliefs if they were taught by parents and families."(#)

Keatin Werleman

Where is garrett

Elad Volpert

#2 was really f*cking dark

Rosann Supino

Thank you for this video. I have BPD and am also bipolar. Everything you mentioned I can relate too. I'm in treatment but it's horrible.

Big hoss

You should totally narrate over videos from now on

Gunner Akku

2018? Really

Jaime Jardim

Hey Tyler do you want to hear a pizza joke? Na Its to cheesy

A massive Weeb

Dude, I can't believe that someone would actually crack the code in the portal 2 Easter egg. I've been wondering wat that was for months, I found that place by accident, coincidentally carrying the radio


@Asatorizm Why aren't you?

Mauro Lapio

0:34 my childhood is officially ruined

Zackary Carr

1:40 boi

Daan van Abeelen

Will there be more cool stuff like this

Ambrose Robertson

awesomely awesome video


It's in the description you fucking moron.

Jose Manuel Luna Bermeo

NASA and spaceX left the chat.

Ashley Hartle

TSB critic add me

Trixmay 988

Used to looooove that rocket when I was young. Such a kickass game


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