Telangana BJP leader Kishan Reddy & BJP MLC Ramchander Rao Arrested|Swami Paripoornananda Expulsion

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How have you got that much health at level 39 on Borderlands? I've finished the game and don't have that much!!


@SkitzySwitch i do

Brandon Corbin

Screw Johnny Mangina AJ Mcarron all the way ROLL TIDE


This was really well done and super accurate. :D


CYBERPUNK 2077, it's very interesting to wait for the official launch to try it .....

i loved Twin Peaks and had no idea!

Sharlet David

loving guys


Can I still enter

2025 - James Rieckewald-Schmidt

Jason tatyum

turbo eVo


Kristy. B

Pls do “ I spent the day with weeaboos”

xxxmariafreal garcia14


Chris p Bacon

It'd be better if they did it

UNICORN cupcake

The cat name is oreo

Jamshi the Bandit

Do every, every blank ever ever lol

Alison Na

im definitely a paul

Patty! Patty! Patty! Ktoś próbował mnie obudzić. To była Polly. "Co... Co się stało?" Byłam tak zdezorientowana i ból głowy mnie niemal zabijał. Wtedy Polly wyjaśniła, że byłam tak pijana poprzedniego wieczoru, że Matt powiedział, że położy mnie do łóżka, powiedziała mu, że to niezbyt dobry pomysł, ponieważ oboje byliśmy pijani. Więc, została ze mną całą noc, żeby mieć pewność, że wszystko jest OK.

Vesna Djukic


Ana Garrido

Thank u lil' homophobe for illustrating what is a day full of hate. Now imagine that LGBT teens and kids have to go trough multiplied per 20.


Yeah nigga I feel better

Curly-haired girl: Hey, do you support gay people?

James Vlogs *singing,vlogs,drawings*

Try something called meteor jam search it up

Once uwu

Vers 19h c'était dans les #27 dans les tendances et maintenant c'est #25 des tendances :) le 12/06

Xtreme Games

What expectations did you have for this game? Mine were bad, but it turned out I was completely wrong. By the way, you missed some easter eggs.

Dav Lynch

The puppy is so cute

kembar epen&epan


gibolss chanel

What a place

Sophie X

I had to check the date to see if this was a April fools prank

U.S Government: *yeets the Immigrant over the wall*

Arti Vaibhav

Yes your right eye out

Daddy Dorr

did you see the rat haha

Jocey Vert

Dang, I'm impressed

callie stephenson

2018 september anyone?

Arianna Holey

Im 100% anxious type and that lead to my boyfriend needing a break bc he feels like he’s my “emotional anchor”

please sub :(    

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