TDP MLC Rajendra Prasad Controversial Comments on Praja Vedika Shifting

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Ray Simon

Best game better than fornite


Who was the poor soul lost?

Davos Kee

Hahahahah u get rekt dude perfect


Yonne Ulous

YouTube:how many of these types of comments do you want to make?Viewers:yes

Sjuul Gregoire

Do this again😍😱😱

Zack Justice

i wanna be like you guys can you all give me some tips @dudeperfect

Bowling myth



The fuck? You speak ?

Chris Leon

Me: They killed Captain!?! Adoption is an option.

rasta root

Maybe you can do parttime job be a superhero💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Carlos Ledezma

You should do stereo types nba2k

Omar Garcia


Derpy Bacon

Cool 😎

ultra G


Henry Caruso

Italian beef sandwichfrom Stans grill


He tried to mine a diamond with a hammer, everyone knows you at least need an Iron Pickaxe...


Rats with guns? XDD Wow, now that is some great shiet :D I fucking did it

Zackary Barkan

kim jon un

Mia Channler

U would NOT survive if u had my life. This is literally every DAY for me

Gianna Francesca Reyes Francisco

Tbh * IaM iN pURe cOnFUsIoN*

Yeetus Mc.Yeetus


WHY!!!! I love their music



Dad Boodhoo


Elias Tucker

I love your videos. I make some of the foods that you make. They have been all great. You are a cool guy.BUT. I just saw Lara Trump doing an ad for her father's birthday!!! Holy Shit. Total turn off. Are these going to continue?


Dannah Mariz_13

Im also ignoring my mom until she becomes weak! 🤫

You don't wanna push my buttons, take a walk

Lika Elva

Even tho his wife gave him that "freedom" he shouldn't use it and try another way, i'm sure if a girl say that, she's hoping that the guy won't use it


Its too late for me ive got tons and tons of cuts on my body

Quan Cena

A wall for mexicans a wall for water, a wall can solve any problem

Putri Izzah

rip shifty man

Pink Red

Those look like the stones from Brave ooooh!!


Cd Ab

u shld watch Brodie smith shots


''Everybody dies, sooner or later''


Voldemort should do ASMR

Denz Jordan

i think the radar where the cops are seeking you is influenced by the game called BULLY


this title is missleading

Надира Кабылбаева


Sam Hacks



hikatchi shinato

Mr beast u should do last one to cry wins 50,000

2. How funny they are

Jude Lovic

Did Cory get his rock back?


Imagin how mad ty would be if it was madden 19

Megan Mishaxhi

So they didn't have enough money for one child yet they have two children. 🙄🙄🙄

Justin Does Drawings

Looks Around, Sees the Trap, Walks Right Into It


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