TANDAV | Choreography by Sayani Chakraborty

Tandava is the dance of passion, anger and intense energy. Tandava performed by Lord Shiva who is also known as "Nataraja", the god of dance. According to Hindu scholars , Tandava has seven variations whichShiva performs in different moods.Here, in this presentation, i have tried Rudra Tandava and also a devotional and spiritual take on the song.In this piece, the concept of the choreography is based on Bharatanatyam dance form, but the presentation is contemporary.Song - Shiva Tandava Stotram by Shankar Mahadevan.Videography & Editing - Pinaki Sarkar. Special thanks to Mohua, Puja & Susmita for supporting me throughout the shooting process.Concept & Choreography - Sayani ChakrabortyPerformed by Sayani Chakraborty.

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