Swami Chaturanand ji maharaj parvachan as dated on 18/09/2018

Santmat ke Pardhan Acharya Swami Chaturanand ji maharaj parvachan, Machhiwara sahib, Ludhiana ,Punjabअगर आप को विडियो पसंद आए तो इसे जरूर Like औरComents करके बताये।ऐसे ही नये नये भजन सुनने के लिए हमारे You Tube चैनल Binder Editing Video को Subscribe करें तथा बैल का आइकन दबाये। और साथ ही साथ निचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें।आज गुरु के नगरीया सुहावन लागेला:-1.)by Binder Editing Videopb. Song 2019



There's vomit on her sweater already mom's spaghetti 

Garrett Baldwin

When I saw the title I got a lil mad and thought this girl was "saving him from homosexuality" but then I watched and oh lawd let me tell you

Makasi-Noble Pivot

Plants vs zombies garden warfare?


That last one tho. I can feel the cutting of my hair from those scissors as each strand of hair is clipped. The tiny feint sound of scissors cutting hair. Anybody feel me?

jimin’s jams

Im eating ramen bowl right now but why do I feel like Im hungry

Ladam Vlogs

Billy or ty billy

Aruna Tomar

I have installed your game ENDLESS DUCKER 😎😎

khan Tipu

I am a 10 year-old, honest girl and I did not cry I just felt really bad and sorry for her.


Thats too slow

let'sCARPE thisDIEM

I was only mildly interested in the first episode, the second episode made me hate the girl, I was hoping that this third episode would be redeeming. Unfortunately I was disappointed. I will not be watching the 4th or any subsequent episodes.

Alex Moran



plz do a face reveal 😢

Daily Destiny

The rage monster this video killed me. And it made a connection to the driving stereotypes video. Even better!!

Kookie Chaeng

17 in Indonesia ..daebak

Retaliator X

I s2g the dog better not be killable

Shannon K

Who’s spelling Anthony wrong tho?

endgame hurts

Donna Proffitt

Dude perfect hi I'm Trevor I hope I can be like you guys I love you guys videos pound it noggin

Vlad Zwick

Ohhh well at least we had fun getting here, right Vegeta? Vegeta? Remember teh bug planet? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta? Vegeta?


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