Story of Cinderella enacted in Kannada Movie

This clip is from the 1971 Kannada movie -Bhale Adrishtavo Adrishta starring Kalpana, Gangadhar & Srinath. In this dance drama Kalpana has played an exceptional role.

Tanner Rhiner

1:50 Like a boss I'm currently on medication. At times I want to commit suicide and end it all. Everyday is a mental struggle for me.

Legend of Rafi

In payday, the blood sample to steal is from a first smoker in left 4 dead

2: theres going to be a new species of zombie/alien like creature like maybe they mutaded with technology and with vigils gadget could either do something harmful to them or just give them a headache and it also depends on what the zombie/alien mutaded with. Maybe it was a sensor that coukd detect gadgets or something like that vigil could jam the sensors and pass on threw. Like the bracelet that the giy in the cutscene had maybe some of the other zombies/aliens might have gotten it on them before they were infected.

sebastian gallegos

Human control

Sara Wonka

Do you want to be a billionare?

Bradley Draper

already had dildo bat anyways

Marc Frappier

I wish that silent hill game would of still been in production :( that game would of been awesome!

The Zells

Cody's dad looked a lot like him.

Foxy And Unicorn YT

When they said Yasmin or Jasmin I was liek “DO WE HV DA SAME NAME?!”


zombie apocalypse ... no worries

Retaj Timeemi

I luv all of the shots

kenneth lewis

The first one is I'm so fancy

Ronan Ja

Ok who’s stupid idea to ride a helicopter 🚁 through a bad ☔️


Where can I watch True Detective? Seems good.

Navjot Lalia

I meant I was born when my mom was 20

Nazaliyah Tressler

Té amo Lele

Renzo S


Clout Cookie

I am hella to old for this but, who else is excited!!!??

Nur KZ

Мә күшті екен


Kawhi gon make steven a and jay bite they words just watch

Ezequiel Avila

Basketball Arrow Dunk?

Alucard Demon hunter



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