Sri anjaneyam by ARJUN


Jen Geller

ned cmon

sonte fores

Even though hoppers story is cliched it’s still really sad


OMG why are 1K disliking this? This is one of the most heart warming things ive ever seen

Christian Timothy


Lily L

That story was just beutiful

"How the hell did this shit happen?"

Sean Dugan

1:25 wait why is his face white but his hand is black?

Pizza cat

2:47 eww fish cooties

Monica Aguilar

I thought I was the only one who thought the dr. Seemed annoyed or like whatever just trying to get you out... until I read the comments. My midwife and dr. Were excited every visit a went in for, get you a dr who cares and makes you look forward to each visit, this is an amazing experience&you deserve it.

Sister Sisters

One time I was sleep walking and saying random stuff st the same time and I walked to my moms room and slept on her floor 😭

Hüseyin Yiğit Altun

I don't know why but I love your videos so much .

Raul Arizpe

i'm the guy that max everthing out you need them ganes

Do check our website out :

Emma: I feel like I'm really hungry

Areeb R Shaikh

Who loves Nathan drake like

Denny Toribio


Meme Doctor

Ty got Nerfed, Twins got Buffed, and Cory got his Eyebrows back ! Welcome back Chief

If you have questions ask them im used to it

Greg McLoughlin

hey!!! if dude perfect is geting this do roller scating trick shots!!!

I yeeted my bullies new pairs of Jordans out of the window in a fire ant pile

Meagan Garrett

Nerf guns stereotypes

Bionic Cornet

*pro tip*: why don’t you swim in the pool nothing would have happened

Stella Tan Qi

This video made me cry 😭😭😭

Desert Rose4U

I was in a relationship and one of my friends had a crush on me. I told him I had a man's and he said he understood. But he kept flirting with me and I kept turning him down, I even told my boyfriend and warned my friend that he had to chill. He grabbed my but one day when I hugged him and my first instinct was to swing. Told my boyfriend and he tried to jump him, but I stopped it. Moral of the story, some, not all, guys just need to take no for an answer and whoever decides to touch a person without consent, gets what's coming to them

Beaver Shump478

this was a neat video

Meggan Needham

I want chicken nuggets

Kristanne Del Rosario


scott mclean

Ahh does anyone know hazel's insta? Asking for a friend

Well, it’s time to make happiness GOOOOOOOOOOOO

Vero Miku

My childhood but more violence 🙁

Sgt. Jeff

You made it into the Starbucks we know today. Spelling names wrong on our coffee cups.

some girls are stronger then boys because maybe the girl has more weight

Fian Cell


Blaise Farese

gaming room


Is watchdogs based on real life?


"After one of the characters in Men in Black..."


Who else wonder “who is that yellow haired guy in the dinner table??”

xuh btw

It's for weed (first thing)

Rexx Thunder

I love that artwork!

Braeden Peterson

Where's Garrett

latore latore


Can Aksekili

Coby you can do it


This is the first time I saw this channel's video.

Nousheen Bano

Shock to see this half of the world facing starvation and they are wasting food☹

Pius yeohan SanDiego

Van we see panda face?

my name's nikki.

Ghost Wolfi

1.27: The Basket arrow


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