Sri anjaneyam

josh the gamer thanos

May God bless u


Americans: we're going to protect our land from the sea


Kim Jong Un has joined the chat

Sharon Werner

Ty wins every time

Tony Brooks


sad_boy_ 4life


The Entrepeneur

Like me ,I love economics and now I’m a successful businessman

That's pretty masochistic.

NoIdea NumberNoidea

The golf shot was not backwords


I’m the sleeper

NF: Comes with shopping cart^^

Gandalf Wizardry


Like legit it’s like they thought they wouldn’t get so much hate for it

epic gamers

No Elaine Manny throws father



The Accelerator

I love the Talos Principle Easter Egg. though I stilI wonder 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'

Gatis Locmelis

I stood up to my bullying seriously silly so mean said she still believe me but I never loved her with the best of me as I am smarter better and braver than her and I always defend myself and nothing whatever change that

Daan Van Dalen

All the girls are golddiggers

P.s. Your kittens are very cute

Jake from State Farm

When she said 120 frames I spit out my water I was drinking and laughed my ass out, I began gaming with you Xbox but the Xbox one is my final console.

Jenny Troyer

love it want more

Ruby Daly

Baby and boy


It's you?

King Gregory

wow imagine being a twi’lek or ya know an actual alien species for once in this game 😔

Unicorn Gacha

To a 17-year-old mother who is only 17

muffin organic


Niki Saktor

No way, this is a Thai story? And a Thai person speaking?The person’s English is really good!



Sean Berno

I mean film at the park

Massive studies strongly suggests that a whole foods plant based diet reduces your chances of disease, even reversing some such as heart disease, and improves longevity. See the Seventh Day Adventists and traditional Okinawans.

Poopy Beak

I'm watching the knowing that this will infact affect me negatively more than positively, I now envy those people who have positive and optimistic parents. While any Asian parent would like you to Ace in the studies. I don't like to remember all of the syllabus just to write in extreme suffocating environment with lack of sleep due to studying and brain memory. I forget formulas here and there and think that this world is demise and kinda get suicidal. What helps me moving forward is the support of people I know in life. My mother's friend has 3 daughters and one son. While one is overseas, the other 2 and the only son praise my intelligence or this strange approach as a teenager. I like learning stuff out of curiosity but not learning because somebody told me or forced me to. When you learn something you're curious of, you actually learn more rather than memorizing pages after pages.

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