MM Funcity Raipur || Best water park in CG

Fun city which is one of the best option in Raipur to escape from all your tension of life Just start your vehicle and drive towards NH 06It’s 15-20 km from Raipur main city Various typ of ride and various types of restrorentsYou can enjoy the wave the Water dance party.The water park is large enough. Have attractions for kids starting the age of 2 yrs till adults. Sundays are too crowded. But can be visited on a summer morning. The timings are 10:30 am to 6 pm.Note:- 🙏Never compromise with safety😊Like, share & and must give your feedback in comment box..👉SUBSCRIBE my channel for more exciting videos...Follow me..Twitter :- :-by :- Sumit singh

Juggin Hector


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