RAMA RAMA JAI RAJA RAM- ram bhajan /NAAM SANKIRTAN by rattan mohan sharma


Tabor Weller

Go Texas rangers

Strawberry Milkshake

you should go to somewhere in Ontario next, like, Toronto, Exeter, London, Clinton, or Goderich. I know Goderich has a good amount of plus size clothing! :D

Connor Kenway

Thanks for the video, will you make a video on RAZER COMPANY (gaming company)

20 FluidOunces

This video was fucking meta, don't know if in using that word right though

Legendary Wolves

It my dads friends twice it was sad

Nathan Zet

I'm the sand "trapped" guy

Me: idk what happened officers I was asleep

Hey You

stop hiding the pain, Guru, we know you suffered as horribly as ever.

Hernan Komić

Try to shoot baloon while you doing backflip

I'm scared to be burried alive


Can you guys let the jack frost in the movie


Been anticipating cyberpunk for over a while now , it's quite a "detailed" visual appealing futuristic game with a vast open world and a potential ever changing compelling story, knowing CD project red works with the witcher series , they will deliver!!! (although I appreciate this guy a lot and loved him as neo in the matrix)) FUCK all of the cringey Keanu Reeves bandwagoners who'll only approve of a game just because a gimmick of some well known actor/celebrity is promoting it and is involved in it as well rather than appreciating the 8+ years of hard work and effort the development team has put into the game! I feel like some of these people aren't even hardcore fans of his either , just watched "John wick " 2 & 3 then started acting like some unanimous fanboy. I'm infatuated with this game and I deeply appreciate Keanu as well , just looking at him as a bonus👍


“Panda on that jet ski school tho”

Get St

In the name of JesusChrist I command the spirit of panic attack and anxiety disorder to go away in Jesus name and never return . Lord God remove it from those who are suffering it and give us peace that passes all understanding. Amen 🙏🏼

A-10 Warthog

Looks cool, too bad I won't be able to play it for 6 months until after it releases on PC.... for some reason


the music doesn’t help

Joy Wallingford

I love your videos they are asome

Beth Halpain


Galactic Gangster

the sledgehammer disappears at 3:07

Johnny pantalony

Where can i buy a panda outfit like this? :D

Tuba Syeda

I love the art in this 😍😍😍😍😍😍


Nike and Puma ⬆

siddhant Giri



Salt one ain’t a prank

Vivek saini

2:05 I can do that one

10. The person that joins a game for 5 seconds and leaves

Ariel X

No joke this almost exact thing happended to be just I was one years old and never witnessed it😔

Putter Butter

You also should have gotten a record saying most records by same group in one day

Elena Stoecker

I just watched the whole 30 minute ad before this

Blue Skyyy

These guys should be president


they probably do it like 30 times to get it. But thats still fucking insane.

😢Sad 😢 ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️

Dadda Dia

I went missing to my parents when I was on my pc in my room.




Some of say we are in pain when they don't even know the definition of pain,I mean look at this girl she is SUFFERING!!!!


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