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Download this chant here:consists of five chants, each with its own unique hue. The Nirvana Shatakam is an outstanding composition by Adi Shankara, embodying the essence of vairagya. This chant is regarded as synonymous with the path of Brahmacharya.Follow us:Foundation is a non-religious, not-for-profit, public service organization, which addresses all aspects of human well being. Learn more about Sadhguru

edgar lopez

What happened to the Zara lipsticks ?

Ethan Grande

He said a lion is the king of the jungle 😂

Me : Excuse me but you’re the one who was all head over heels for this queen here, better show some respect.

Awesome Jibl

I guessed the movies before Cory.

Rebecca Schmaltz

dang it

Hudson M

Everyone who dislikes this video is jealous and wish they were as cool as dude perfect and Dylan. Can you guys keep making videos with Dylan and other kids. Thanks! 😃


Storyboard: jesus

you see men are only valued for resources , we dont have sexual appeal or intellectual value to females , its some thing hard wired in to them for thousands of years , so why would a woman give away her freedom and money to be '' honest '' ? she wont , she has no incentive to , your video is cute but its also bullshit , the man saw what she was doing and sense he provides he controls , rightfully so , he is no demon , just a human turned in to a wallet , please dont make it seem like she a victim , you already explained how his mother never showed him affection , he only did what his father did to his cold mother , buy her with gifts , he reacted the same way and you even pointed out that he was 17 men at that age dont have anything usually , just a heart and a dream , all the young girls will be attracted to other more seasoned men who have resources and experience , while the 17 years old have to grind to earn respect and resources , so at that stage when they wanna pick a girl they pick some one who values them because they know how hard it is to get there , but for this unfortunate boy he didnt get the chance and he met this opportunistic leach who is good at pleasing victim and justifying her greed , if he is spending money on her to be a princess MIGHT AS WELL look like a princess and act like HIS princess , rightfully so , that was the deal and she agreed to it but under preformed because she wasn't objectively attractive , gooooood luck twisting that around to serve your story

Achvulo kent

Name of the song please anyone

Rals 3027

I thought she was like " hey he cheated on you, I'll help you cheat back girl"

BEN Sprague


kevin heart

any one watching there first vid

im tired of fake happiness. Also Fortnite: Shuts down the whole game on that date.

Adel RTP

Her name is like mine

nobody knows

Boi take a hike

Light scream9000

Ty and cody should have a tie because of flying a kite

Nicole Yin

You were 8 and you have a PHONE ALREADY?!

Massimiliano Broieu Danesin 5B Holbæk By Skole, afdeling Bjergmark

this 2017 me!!!

Ben S

how is your best friend



Hey Guru I came up with an idea for a top 10 list that I hope you will consider making some time in the future.  Top 10 Sea monster easter eggs, for some reason easter eggs that involve giant sea monsters really creep me out in video games.  And i'm sure you've found plenty sea monster easter eggs and I would love to see your opinion on which are the creepiest/best.

Khalid Soldad

That is not even valley ball

Robbe Deweerdt

Why was that guy laughing with that last shot? He lost $50...

Stolen Queen

My heart Melted


really enjoyed the music mate

news now hampton roads

Wait....I thought walls didn't work and that they were racist?

Amaan Rashid

That's what is called an out of the box content what an energy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Love from India

Matthew Carlos

Steph could give y'all 70 points and you guys would still not be satisfied lol. WTF is this bro Steph has had a 23 point game, 34 point game, 47 point game, and 27 point game and that is disappointing?! He is showing up mostly like everybody expected him to and that's not enough. In every game he's averaged around 5 rebounds and assists as well. These guys are idiots Steph is dropping these stats WHILE BEING DOUBLED and heavily guarded the whole time. He is doing everything he can with the half injured team he has now. Don't get me wrong Raptors are outplaying the Warriors but out of all people we are really going to blame the only player on the Warriors that has shown up every game?! Stop being dumb.

Drew Bowman

Combining these cancerous fucks with my favorite sport makes me want to kill myself. Goodbye world.

They're called Scope

Silaba07 Sport


Micah Wilson

I’ve watched dad and mom edition, and I’ve come to the conclusion that panda is an orphan. I feel bad for him.

Kawaii Panda

Oof I didn’t know U.S governments were that mean

Shubhalakshimi Kubanur

Burj khalifa next

Ramon Vargas


anna boer

even old new york was once new amsterdam


He said highrise! He must play COD! or im just a noob.

brandon alberto

Son falsos usan una apk para ponerlos al reves

And one day.y I was picked up from school again and we had to rush to the hospital


At 15:30-15:32 tanner says he just got cystic fibrosis from that


Heart attack


is that Summer Strallen behind him?


I wonder how much they are going to downgrade this


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