Hanuman Chalisa - Sooryagayathri - 'Vande Guru Paramparaam'

Hanuman Chalisa by Little Sooryagayathri. & ℗ 2015: Chith FoundationAll rights reserved. ** Interesting facts from our recordings, to motivate kiddies. * "Little Sooryagayathri sang the Hanuman Chalisa, daily morning as a prayer for more than 108 days without fail, before we recorded it! "So, Kiddies... Classical Music is a real 'tapas - sadhana' - austerity! Do it as a regular discipline surrendering to the Almighty. You will be blessed with lot of good things in your life through this discipline! Parents... Let them learn our values along with music! Never send them to that mad race! Let them become loving humans and spread happiness wherever they go! Music will be a bonus! Love u all,Kuldeep.'Vande Guru Paramparaam' - spiritual musical series produced by Sri Kuldeep M Pai is a genuine attempt at infusing the abundance of our cultural heritage in the younger generations. What better agency than Music can there be to inspire the young and aged alike? A team of talented kids spearheaded by Sooryagayathri have played their parts in transferring the Transcendental Truth through their dulcet voices. The musical videos in this series have already won acclaim from millions of viewers across the globe. It's now time for us to bow before the lineage of Gurus and relish the beatitude of divine buoyancy. Vande Guru Paramparaam! Vande Guru Paramparaam!

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