50 Words You're Pronouncing WRONGLY Right Now! | Top 50 Mispronounced English Words, Common Mistakes

Learn the TOP 50 MISPRONOUNCED English words. These words are common mistakes made by many English learners. I will show you how to avoid these incorrect pronunciations and say all of these words correctly in this pronunciation lesson.For more FREE English lessons, SUBSCRIBE to this channel.Transcript:Hello, and welcome back. In this lesson, I will show you fifty words that you are probably pronouncing incorrectly right now. And I’ll also teach you how to say them correctly.Let’s start with this word – how do you say it? Well, we say /prə-’nauns/, /prə-’naunst/ and /prə-’nauns-iŋ/, but /prə-nən-si-’eɪ-shən/. There’s no ‘noun’ in this word. It’s ‘pronunciation.’Word number two is ‘says’. This word is commonly mispronounced by people learning English as /s eɪs/. But remember: I say, you say, but he or she /sez/.Number three is ‘et cetera’. A very common incorrect pronunciation is to say ‘ek’ – ‘ek setra’ instead of ‘et’. Don’t say that. And also remember that the stress is on ‘ce’. So the word is /et-’se-tə-rə/. You will also hear /et-’se-trə/ – that is less common but it’s OK too.Next up is ‘often’. Some pronounce this as /’äf-tən/. Now, strictly speaking, /’äf-tən/ is not wrong, but the more common pronunciation is with the ‘t’ silent, so I recommend that you always say /’ä-fən/.One word that is often mispronounced by learners of English is ‘women’. This is, of course, because of the English language’s crazy spelling system. But remember that we say /’wu-mən/ for one woman and /’wi-min/ for the plural – /’wi-min/.Word number six is ‘police’. This isn’t /po-lees/ or /po-lis/. It’s /pə/ and /lees/ with the stress on /lees/. So /pə-’lees/.The next word is ‘vehicle’. It’s often pronounced wrongly as /ve-hi-kl/. But the ‘e’ is a long vowel and the ‘h’ is silent. So /’vee-ə-kl/.Number eight is this word. How would you say it? The correct pronunciation is /’zhän-rə/. Pay attention to the first sound, it’s like ‘sh’ but you put your voice into it - /’zhän-rə/. /’zhän-rə/Next up is actually what you’re watching right now – ‘video’. The important thing is that both the ‘i’ and the ‘e’ are pronounced as short ‘i’ sounds. It’s not /vee-di-o/, it’s /’vi-di-o/.If you watch a video on YouTube or Facebook, you might leave a ‘comment’. I have heard many speakers say /’kə-ment/. Now whether you use this word as a noun or a verb, the first syllable is always /’kä /. So it’s never a /’kə-ment/, it’s a /’kä-ment/.Word number eleven is ‘interesting’. This is mispronounced sometimes as /’in-tə-rə-stiŋ/. But there are only three syllables – /in / – /trə / – /stiŋ/ and the stress is on ‘IN’. So the word is /’in-trə-stiŋ/.Number twelve is ‘hotel’. There are two syllables – /ho/ and / tel/ like the English word ‘tell’ as in ‘tell me’. The stress is on the second syllable, so /ho-’tel/.A related word is ‘suite’. This means a set of connected rooms in a hotel and this is wrongly pronounced by many people as /soot/. But it’s /sweet/ - like when you eat a piece of candy - /sweet/.While we’re on the topic of suites and hotels, I cannot leave out this word – ‘restaurant’. It gives a lot of English learners trouble. But, don’t let the fancy spelling confuse you – the second syllable is just /tə /. The third is /ränt/. So /’res-tə-ränt/. In British English, you might hear just two syllables – /’res-trɒnt/ - that is also correct.After you eat at a restaurant, you have to pay the bill. But you might get a discount on your bill if you have one of these – a ‘coupon’. A common incorrect pronunciation is /’koo-pən/. But the second syllable should be /pän/. So – /’koo-pän/.Here’s word number sixteen – how would you say it? The proper pronunciation is not ‘break’ ‘fast’ – it’s ‘breakfast’. /brek / with a short /e/ sound and /fəst/ with an /ə/ sound - so /’brek-fəst/.You know what I had for breakfast today? I had this – ‘pizza’. Really, I did. It’s not a /pee-sə/ and it’s not a /peed-zə/. There’s no /z/ sound in this word. It’s /peet/, /sə/ - /’peet-sə/.Another food word that’s mispronounced a lot is ‘vegetable’. It’s not /ve-jə-tə-bl/. If you say it correctly, there are only three syllables - /vej/, / tə/, /bl/ - /’vej-tə-bl/.Let’s talk about a couple of vegetables now – this is a ‘cucumber’. It’s not a /ku-koom-bər/. Think of it like saying the letter ‘Q’ and then /kəm-bər/ like ‘number’. So /’kyoo-kəm-bər/.This vegetable is called ‘lettuce’. I know the spelling looks like /let-yoos/ but it’s not – it’s /letis/.And since we talking about food, here’s a food that just about everybody loves – ‘chocolate’. When you ask for this at the store, make sure there are only two syllables – /chäk / and /lət/ - /’chäk-lət/. And remember: there is no ‘late’ in ‘chocolate’.Speaking of chocolate, how would you say this word? This is ‘dessert’.

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