Shakira - La La La (Brazil 2014) (Official Music Video) ft. Carlinhos Brown

La La La is featured on Shakira's new self-titled album. Shakira & Activia partner to support World Food Programme and its School Meals initiative, Find out more on - “La La La” is featured on the new album Shakira, out now / El nuevo álbum ya disponible en iTunes / CDAlso, featured on One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Album. Available Now: Music video by Shakira performing La La La. (C) 2014 Ace Entertainment ShakiraWebsite: to ShakiraiTunes: #LaLaLa #Vevo #LatinPop #OfficialMusicVideo #Brazil2014 #CarlinhosBrown

Alyssa Castaneda

Does anyone know how far along she is? I know the first trimester but not sure how many weeks

Spurs1 fan

Stop hating cowboys is the best


Um..... WTF?!

Life’s Funny


Terri Jackson

valla sport has basketballs there at swinning


Now u guys are doing crazy stunts like mind blown unbelievable stunts but I will always believe all of em😝


Guru, I don't know what game you got, but it's Sam and Henry, not Sam and David.


I love the Miami dolphins

Addi kendall& Olivia

I like 10000000000000 slaps for creep PE dude lol * Goes to Jail stay there forever*

Ava Cahill

I was soooooooooooooooo confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

łůçïď ďŕèàmš

I think it's fake


Why so bad. It make my head hurting


I am Brazilian and I like your videos enrolled +1


any logic fan?(人´∀`)♡


Your voice is annoying XD good animation tho

SupremeWW *

Here before 1 mil

Atika Jilani

Do a football throw off the burj khalifa!

Wilkens Adonis

I found out some of the Easter eggs

Carolyn Francis

Is it bad I was fist pumping throughout the entire video because of the music?

Vincent Loya

2:03 I didn't see the movie. But I know this one from scary move.

Fire Lizard McGee

Has anyone else noticed that some steps are similar to Resnov's escape plan from "Vorkuta"


so is she wearing an wig?someone HELP becasue she just said she shaved her hair and it showed it and now in the other pic she had HAIR、HAIR、AND HAIR


Wow, I just found the hidden Golden Easter egg on YouTube. Although these types of videos are amazing, the fact that he's a gamer too makes this even more pleasurable! Good job man!


Where is garret 💪👈👀

Giselle poopinsmirf

Like a move it was split

Zach Johnson


I didn't know what to write


You can have lunch meat as long as it's been cooked properly. U need a new Dr. I have 2 kids and had 2 different doctors and they both said make sure lunch meat is cooked properly as well they said I could work out but to make sure I know my limits aka don't go too hard

Zuraiz Ahsan

trick shots on cricket

My brain: *confused*

Adam Fax

Can you explain the ending please?


Holy shit I'm in tears


Words can not describe the sheer level of EPIC!!

Amiyah K

You’re a gem 💎


So weird to go back and see Cory with eyebrows

Kathy Gilbert

Anna:I won't let anything happen to herElsa diesAnna:shoot

Alberto Ter

I thougth that the agent was leslie chao fron the movie the hangover

Me: of course you are, your mom and dad literally don’t have faces.

garrett barton

Favorite youtube channel dawg


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