Flute Expert tries $70 AMAZON Flute VS Her Flute

We unbox and try the 70$ Eastar EFL-1 from Amazon and my very own flute! Jump to 9:00 for the Test! Would I buy this cheap flute? How does it sound against a professional flute? It's Flute vs Flute again! TBH IT IMPRESSED ME FOR A BEGINNER FLUTE! EFL-1 SOLD OUT! FIND EFL-2 (90$) HERE AMAZON US: It's a must watch and you won't believe your ears!Help us and become a producer for The Flute Channel over on Patreon be a proud supporter of what we do here. Pay as little as 2$ a month and help us continue to make more videos and content! ✩ PATREON: MERCH - Twitter - Instagram - Blog/Website - Facebook - #canyouhearthedifference #cheapflute #Iboughtacheapflute

9:00 This song was found through a series of hidden planks with jumbled letters, which when deciphered, gave players instructions as to how to access it. The song itself, when put through spectral analysis, reveals Morse code that led players to a website that continued the riddle. When the money are taken from the Few rich  they Must be given, not kept.


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I like dead memes

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Poor Carmine :(

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Any one in 2019

god damnit

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Tyler a.k.a red adrenaline

Doomspud Roflcopter

As a helicopter pilot, this is saddening. The world of rotary wing aviation is a small one.

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The twins have the best boats

The Boss Stage1

6:59 "I wish you were in HD"

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I think Tyler was raging😂😯

Because i won't to have sex with any girls

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Excuse me but where is Toy Story 2 where Woody is fixed.


Can you do bill nye

The Panossian’s

Do. A fortnite BATTLE

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I love your videos


This was i my birthday

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Dude, this was an amazing video, i loved the fire breathing golden chicken. Once again, amazing. Subbed :D

Nuzhat Tabassum Oishi


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i love the rage monster

But shell tell me to clean my room :(

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Kd been on top for a minute how is khwai better what is max talking about


Glad the pizza truck is Bach

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Do it again.

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Him: flips bottle by using a ball and a batMe: can’t even balance the bottle on the ball :,)

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You go girl!!! Spray him with that wine!!!


holy crap it's the bunny from Saints Row 2 E=eating

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Mad respect for Tony!

I only saw the pizza truck

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I love the editing in this video it's so beautiful please keep this type of editing up

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Im the only one who thinks this is outbreak with a different name?


Oooh breaking bad i love you :D

I loved the R6 Outbreak, and this is the GAME wich is the Outbreak

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I wander how bad it hurt Tyler when hit his head on the end of the car

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thanks for saying thanks to me

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This video is kinda deconstructive, funny though!😁

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My mom had a miscarriage before me :( I feel bad

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Damn a niggito really be crying in the club right now

Uhhh... Wut?


Looks like it's going to be a lazy remastering of the game. Won't be remastered to the same level that the Final Fantasy X games were.

Then it hovers over you to tell you millions of lies

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I think garret gonna get last and Cody gonna win


I want stairs to be a playable character

Simply Christi

I jumped when she walked into the train...😂


Where's garret


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