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Rahat Rameez

When i was 3 i got mad at my mom because she did'nt gave me pink hair

Aleeah Aleeah

Girl didnt yo mama teach u to kick him in his cock......i would of beat his asssssss


Any1 noticed that it said "hallå" in the Amnesia Easter egg Me: 😂😂


Hey Guru, never stop

Rene Fernández

Who’s watching this in 2019 like if you did!

alex pratt

Xbox: freaking out about 120 FPS

Владислав Вышеславский

Парни вы просто Бомба Благодарю за эмоции!


Dude perfect I love you but I feel like tyler is doing everything

Sub Zero

You called richtofen bitchtofen Xd

Erick Cruz-Manjarrez

Germany is going to win



Keven Duane



Dog sex..... Quality



This ain't even baseball more like baseketball u should remake an actual baseball trickshots

F- failure


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Promised,,,, never lands,,,,,, is so good

David Hayford

Make a lot of sense thanks for posting

Alessandro Colomba

The way Tyler runs out of the express lane is hilarious

Anyways, good video as always!

Chris Wilson

I wanna see more Panda


But then why does it have a Russian star on its chest?

Jenson S

I wish I had a floating island for Nerf wars. # Nerf or nothing


1:36 why is the ball moving so slow?

FaZe Jones

Sub to my channel guys

lollipops and dimes inc.

My mate wanted to quit smoking but instead of just snapping the sticks apart he burnt it


I miss Quiet...

a Chuby Penguin

wow. but who killed the pilot after he crashed it?

Kary Villegas

Please please do overtime

Tina Vitale

If anybody is watching 2019 well Cody was at 7 points and Cory was at 16 next round Cory was at 16 and Cody was at 17 this man beaten by one point


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