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Ramen Noodle

My friend stole $50 out of my room and blamed it on my brother, who was playing outside. I had gone to the bathroom, there’s no way my brother could have pulled it off in 2 minutes. She was in my room before it went missing. Needless to say, we’re not friends anymore, and I talked to her mom, who said she had saved up enough money to buy a Lego set, but said I gave her the $50. Her mom paid me back and I went on with my life.


Keanu Reeves next time please

Eyadplays MC

Red won

Anderson Winter

Trump did 6/11.

The girl: What do you mean. #Got2loveher

The Backyard Man

Poor panda...

Vicky Li

The way he says vitamins 😂👌



DrewDat Tube

Awesome vid

Finn Cady

3:13 had me week look at ty

jeff harmeyer

There are certain times and places that you have to be at in order to find him. My first sighting was near a dwarven ruin (near winterhold) that he rode down. He then beat the crap out of a pack of wolves.

bullet train2019


'I guess so Frank'

Maria Surówka

you should do little baby trick shots

molly stringer

An american doing a voice over and saying british slang like cow Is so cringey im cackeling in akwardness

Tommy Telgenhoff

Team ludy

pepe ramirez



And one does not simply noticed Master chief in a zombie survival game....WTF man?!

Jj Garcia

who first saw this when i came out and comes back to see these hater or copied and pasted comments?


First of all ladies and gentlemen, you DON'T get into a relationship when you're young and still going through education. You first finish your education get a degree or diploma of some sort and live your life, do what you desire before you enter adulthood, then get a job. If you do the opposite like getting a boyfriend or husband or wife or girlfriend when you're young and still have a job, I guarantee you that you won't live a good live OR if you're lucky enough the person might have a good job, be wealthy, caring, supportive, loyal, respectful. You may not need to worry. But obviously, you have to take matter into your own hands and be independent. But mostly what ruins your adulthood is getting a child at a very young age before a job. Your life would disintegrate (not literally), so you won't finish your education because you have to be responsible and take care of your child or give it up for adoption which is a hard thing to do. If you have any sort of relationship mishaps I suggest you leave that person, if the person is being abusive just stand up for yourself and do your thing (Call the police, Runaway, Fight and argue (till the situation is over or, well, at least to an end).


I knew they were gonna win (bottom and of the description)


Ellie_Bells 498


Myst xEthoz

number 12 was cool


almost 30 m views mah god

Master Marksman 2

“What? Brain cancer? But I’m healthy...”

Sarannah Enchill

Juanpa this was absolutely amazing! Thank you for this video because the world really needs it right now. You never fail to mkae an amazing video! ILYSM

Honnie Loife


Hailey Powell

I thought the radio was from something lol

Flex Gamer

When your that desperate for views so u just gibe off faces the most people already know 😂😂😂

Bruno Carnesella

there is another easter egg in the beginning of the game when you're the daughter of joel (sara), in their room in front of the tv has a ps3.


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