Kailash Yatra information, Mansarovar Yatra, Tibet tour (Himalayan Glory Travel)

Kailash Yatra, Mt. Kailash Tour, Mansarovar Yatra and Holy Kailash Mansarovar yatra in Tibet from Nepal. Himalayan Glory Travel.We are kailash yatra specialist tour operator from Nepal and India for Pilgrimage holy kailash and mansarovar parikrama by local professional support team at affordable cost.For more detail and booking the kailash mansarovar yatra with us please visit our websiteNepal Footprint Holiday Treks P.Ltd.Himalayan Glory Tours & Travel P. Ltd.Kathmandu, Nepal.P.O.B. - 6427 - Kathmandu, NepalPhone : 0097714701091, 0097714700302Mobile 24 Hours : 009779841459861 (Bashu Thapaliya) 00977215220 (Bikash KC) )E-mail : travelhimalayan@gmail.comOur Website :

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