Aadhavan - Damakku Damakku Video | Suriya

Watch Damakku Damakku Official Full Song Video from the movie AadhavanSong Name - Damakku Damakku Movie - AadhavanSinger - Benny DayalMusic - Harris JayarajLyrics - Na. MuthukumarDirector - K S RavikumarStarring - Suriya, NayantharaProducer - Udhayanidhi StalinStudio - Red Giant MoviesMusic Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.© 2012 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.Subscribe:Vevo - us:Facebook: us:Twitter:

Like watching someone in pain

Nathan Dupuis

Wow, this was amazing. Well done!

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Stinky Pinky

Yo what about that woman in the YELLOW SHIRT?!?! She got crushed and neck-snapped!!! LMAO!!! 😂

Flint Lockwood

this game is better than SaintsRow4

Carter Woodgate

That was eggselent

Enrique Mohedano

Steroopys it's hooot😋


I wish there was a cure for you...

Ahmed Al-Hassan

Tinashe's remix is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

mithun manohar

Star wars the prince of Persia edition

the creatorville

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Beast Leighlend Plybon

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Amrit Raj

Do you know I subscribed ur channel (April fool)

naruto uzumaki

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Vik C.

I'm so glad she was happy in the end, that's all that matters ♡

AnimalBomb 619

No one cares when you watch this video


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Kelly Mya

I wish I had seen this before I had told my mom about my depression (it’s still hard to call it that) it’s been a few months since I told my mom that I think I have depression and she and I have yet to set up any appointments but I believe she plans to work on it with me and even though I connect with the symptoms of depression I’ve been in a sort of denial that comes with “oh it’s just puberty” I need to learn to ask my mom about it more so she won’t forget about it

Ajay Raj

When is your next video coming

I don't know why I said yay.

Ugly Dog

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You have to look extremely closely at the center of the screen, it's light blue so it's kinda hard to see. Try putting it on 720p, it's much easier to spot.

Beloved Sleed

They uploaded this video 2 days ago wtf it got 1k views only tho

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Oswaldo Guevara

Guru, me encantan tus videos!! :D Saludos y respeto desde México!!

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Josh Jirjis

Did anyone else notice there was no 52nd second?

Tea Nauha

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