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Cotton_Cat 23


Zero Fox

Starting 2016 with a 20 minute video from FunWithGuru? This is going to be a good year.

IWantTo Believe

This is a darker turn.

Fr4ncisco R3yes

Wow Sean Garnier

Gloria Aldaba

Oh also! I didn't want it the first time because I did NOT want the cathider!!!!! That was the worst feeling.

Sky Gamer

I’m crying omg

Shunk Vlogs


Hibye 23


Shafique Fakih

teaching them kids how its done!!


Guys first off, basketball isn't everything and other thing, if you hate it then don't watch it. This video is freakin' awesome, so stop complainin' 'bout trick shot videos, ITS NOT EVERYTHING and you won't die if you don't watch a trick shot video.

Buğra Aygün

ım turkısh

Jesse SoFly



did this in hq :O dubble kill :)

#1 I think the echo is the closest thing we will ever reach as 'time travel'... maybe one day we will have that technology.


Condolences for the pilot.

Shannon Ace trimble

I really thought you were gonna have twins. But if your not I think it’s a girl💗

Rob Caddick

I like turtles

Claudia S P

This is exactly my story ....

oᄌo roawr

Plot twist this is sponsored by iphone

Peachechan’s Journeys

and can’t wait to see it

timidara olaleye

howold is ty

Illuminati Confirmed

Thats undertale papyrus btw, anyone seen that pafriskus vid?

Avery Beeman

Editors: How much do you want the people to question this movie?Director: Yes.

SixJellyFish 427

No one calls Tyler crossbowty

Ricardo Escalante Sánchez

I love this video I wish I knew someone like you besides myself


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