FRIENDS - Bloopers || Unseen bloopers #5

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Now that i think about it i have ocd cause whenever boys touch me i go and take a shower

David Bonilla

Soccer is better then football 😁😁

Eero hakola

100 million??????

cookies sse

Wow 👌



Dude Amazing

This is so cool! Viewers can you please go check out our trick shots they're pretty cool too, although not yet anything close to Dude Perfect!-Thanks

Nightrider Gaming

All I know is that Argentina is winning this year!! 2018 Champs MESSI #1

NG Konochi

Wait wat did they do to ned


Link still has the Master Sword in this trailer I wonder why

Beatrize Castro

This is my first time watching the Dolan twins and it’s literally like watching retarded chickens communicate. lol

neki0 playz

Hey at least the rain didnt leave you

Lea Fennel

De best

TheMiningBeaver K

That looks horrible


First is a joke becuase 3 are left

Emmanuel Melendez

Good for him

Emily Lopez



Is this game worth it?

HaTeRs GoNnA hAtE!!

i ori

what is the name of the movie when the guy said oh youre a claver one whats you name


Elon Musk?


So .. when you went home .. did you get the Tatau removed , your game doesn't really specify that...

Royal Adam

I beat Last of Us twice & I never spotted a single Easter Egg & I think because I was too focus on my surroundings. Thank you for the clip!

Bubblegum Drop

I love Starbucks


You make so much money dang

Devin Symone

It must be murphys law

The Almighty Zeeb

3:03 that burp was disgusting

Abdul Hafeez

I watch your all vidoes


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