Yoga For Relaxation - Beginner Friendly Stress Relief Yoga Flow

Yoga For Relaxation - Improve flexibility, unwind, and melt away the stress of the day in Jen's beginner friendly stress relief yoga sequence.This 25 minute yoga sequence relieve stress, anxiety, or any other feelings of self-doubt, and help you relax and feel great!Certified Yoga Instructor Jen Hilman from Austin TX, leads this free Yoga sequence. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.🎁 RECIEVE A FREE GIFT - 1HR YOGA FLOW 🎁OFFICIAL YOGATX APPAREL ✨NEW EXCLUSIVE 1-HOUR LONG FLOWS AVAILABLE 😍SUPPORT YOGATX & HELP US MAKE NEW CONTENT 🙏🏽out Jen’s series, here on YogaTX:Jen’s 7 Day Yoga Weight Loss ChallengeYoga For Flexibility 5 Day SeriesYoga For Relaxation 5 Day SeriesJen’s playlist: WITH US:____________________YOGATX website: 🎁 WHERE DO WE GET OUR YOGA PANTS? 🎁🎁Check out our YOGATX digs store:YOGA PROPS 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹BLOCKS: EQUIPMENT WE USE 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹CAMERA: SUPPORT OUR WORK 🙏🏽Your donations help us make better contentby Jim Butler: Copyright 2016 YogaTX. All Rights Reserved.

Jacob Maples

I agree

Mayur Patel

Make one in 2022

Brittney Smiley

The creepy guy gnawing on a pickle in the corner



Carly Townsley

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Fadhili Muinami

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Three days grade school,

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Stan el suicida

What about a Despicable me chapter? Since the main character is called Gru and its very similar to Guru. I dont know if it has easter eggs, but if it has it could be cool.

Vladan Stojanovic

downloaded the video, just in case it gets taken down. ... some quality shitposting. :)

Benny Mitchell

poor panda

>Hasn't eaten it yet


For the easter egg that starts on 2:36, what does it mean if you avoid all of the ash men and the door to the ammo room opens, but the chicken isn't there??? Someone please respond.

I'm sorry, I just can't take it seriously with hands like that

Elisandro Trevino

Steffon Diggs


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Phil Bornholdt

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Tamara V

Yeah um I got all 10 I love reading, drawing, writing, singing, but lately all those hobbies I love for just disappeared these thoughts I get "you'll never become a good singer" or "everybody hates you and your drawings." they all become too much. Also I feel like I'm so disappointing to everyone and like every single person hates me.

Flying on a cocaine spaceship (I can’t spell anymore)

Tucker Reyes

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