Roaming Gnome G-Yogurt Oscar Meyer

You never know where a gnome might roam.

Jayce Schneider

You guys are so irresponsible and it kills me.

What does that rocket say? My frame rate is sh$*

Mad Lib

Why tf is this on trending

Derek Hershey

Ubisoft At E3 2019: Upset the COUP D'ETAT against President Trump failed, so they commit SEDITION.


Some one should make a video like this but instead of movies it video games

Leeman Harrington

Ganon: 0:50

Aliens Exist

RIP Nipsey Hussle it's sad to see a legend go.🙏🙏✊

you are a prime example that quality beat quantity everyday of the week.

Manthan Vk

My favourite character, panda 🐼 cute

Kiran Y

Last one on the gmod screams sounded like will from battle bears


Kojima you pervert.


TheCapri48 Gaming

How many tries did it take tho

beach towell

funny when he falls out of the tree haha


I don't understand number 3. Can someone please explain?


why did you go back to the same doctor?! go somehow else if the pain never goes away after the doctor checked you up

Shila Thapa

my name's Jeff .

Angie Alezy

And thats why they call it

Isaiah Sotelo

Araon Rodgers best quarter back in the world

yardaan chothia

Dickbutt 4 life

Daniel Chavez

Highlight of his career



Hey there free don’t judge me for eating 8 buckets of peanuts 🥜

Dah Magpie



I saw your story, I’m sorry for you loss ❤️❤️ stay strong

Also If I was her id slap her across the face when I left


Ammo crates! Nooooooooo!


I really hope this is better than Frozen 1 and not another crappy movie. Didn't get the disney feeling from it at all, felt rushed.

Read more

Thomas Bautista

What was in the ballon?


what camo is he using on the vector?

Last Petal

listening to the symptoms

Joseph _ Scoped

Im the "mood swing" and I accidentally knocked out a chipmunk with a ball

Mary Jaurigue

That’s the same Doctor I had during my pregnancy he was really sweet and nice to me and he delivered my baby via emergency c section, you guys are in good hands don’t listen to what they got to say

Lil Squishy

5:54 he’s a revenue streamer

big scoof1201

The first one was waaayyyy better


How can I be happy when I spend everyday of my life...alone

Sky Bright

I’m sad that I can’t join

skygaming 00

Yay 180'th comment!

Caitlin Rose

This girl is describing my life

Izzy M

this happened to my first gf i bought her more than $500 worth of stuff in the first year even though i was only 12 and she was 13 and we were genuinely happy at the beginning but then she stopped loving me but i was never verbally abusive to her like the bf in this and i treated her well :|

1 like=1 prayer 🙏

jelly man

parachute left the chat


The wiki...


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